Friday, May 30, 2014

Gothic Martha Stewart explains slipcovering furniture

Do you have a second-hand couch or chair that came with unpleasantly pale upholstery? When you can't afford a new piece of furniture and ripping off the current upholstery feels like too daunting of a task, slipcovering can be the solution to a more elegantly dark decor.

In my Gothic Martha Stewart tutorial, I discuss several methods of slipcovering, from simple to complicated. You can start by just throwing a piece of fabric over the offending furniture. This has pros and cons. It's cheap, fast, & easy. But it's messy because this kind of slipcover doesn't stay put on the furniture very firmly.

For a more fitted slipcover, you'll want to sew. Most commercial pattern books have patterns for slightly fitted slipcovers. These are a good start, & they're usually fitted over part of the back &/or arms of a sofa or chair.

For the ultimate slipcover, you'll need to custom-fit one to your specific piece of furniture. While that make seem daunting, it's less tedious than re-upholstery & will give a totally new look. Read more about slipcovering furniture, & see my burgundy velveteen slipcovered couch.

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