Friday, May 2, 2014

Renaissance Shoes & Velvet Punk

For a night out at the Meadery with my sweetie & friends, I wanted something comfortable but cute. The dress was a given -- nothing beats knit -- & then the shoes seemed appropriate given the crowd (my friend who designed these shoes would be there), plus these shoes are very comfortable.

I needed a sweater or light jacket since it was a cool evening, & my hand fell upon this oldie, a beat-up velveteen motorcycle-style jacket I've had for a million years, all decorated from my more more-obviously goth days, yet with a couple recent touches. Perfect!

What I'm wearing:
Black knit dress, Newport News
Black cable-patterned tights, unknown brand
Oxblood "Stratford" 16th-century shoes, designed by Francis Classe for American Duchess
Burgundy & gold shield necklace, local artisan
Pink & gold earrings, vintage
Black velveteen motorcycle-style jacket, International Male
Pins, various sources

Highly recommended, just order a half size up. They come in black too!
Favorite pins on jacket lapel
Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, & my college sorority badge
Peace pin & Clan Ventrue from Vampire: the Masquerade (my Toreador pin is on a purse)
San Jose Sharks 10th anniversary pin
Symbolic charms I attached to a zipper pull

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