Friday, March 18, 2011

Drive-By Update

Got back from Williamsburg late last night & am working from home today -- so much email to catch up with!!! Thank you all for the lovely comments on the posts I scheduled for while I was away. I'll try to respond today or this weekend. Plus I hope to catch up more on my blog reading (I had my iPad with me, but once the conference started, I didn't have any time to read).

I did catch a few things going around in the fashion blogosphere. It looks like next week is Super Stripes Week, coordinated by Megan Mae Daily & Casual Chic Kiki. Now there's a challenge us goths can get in on! Let's see how many fabulous stripey outfits we can pull together.

And in more serious news, today is supposed to be a "bloggers go dark for Japan" day, organized by For Japan With Love. I'm not exactly going dark, but I am skipping Fashion Beauty Friends Friday in solidarity.

Yahoo! News has an excellent page full of links for how you can help the Japan earthquake & tsunami survivors & recovery efforts. Please go here & click thru to one of these reputable charities & donate whatever you can.

Also, if you work for a large company, see if they'll match your donation -- my employer has increased it's standard 1:1 match to 2:1 for the Japanese tragedy. If you are part of a church or community organization that does fund-raising, consider asking if they'll focus immediate efforts on Japan. Rescuers who were at Hurricane Katrina & the Haiti earthquake are saying that the destruction in Japan is even worse, & it will take incredible, worldwide action to help the country recover.

Have a good weekend, & I'll be back on Monday with CorpGoth posts.


  1. Well, now. I ordered a stripey top from that Pinupgirl Clothing you linked (and I really didn't need to know about that site), so I might be able to get in on this one. And welcome back!

  2. Not a single stripe in my closet. Bah! :(

    Thanks for the reminder; I think my employer matches donations as well.

  3. Nicole - Pinupgirl has some fantastic things, don't they?

    VictorianKitty - Alas, no stripes? But good thing about the matching donations.