Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stripes Week: Secret Stripes

Rain has been pouring down on NorCal, plus I had a couple hours of training sessions at work today, so I opted for a super-comfy outfit. But still, stripes down to my toes.

What I'm wearing:
Black & white stripey cardigan, Speigel
Black long-sleeve knit top, Old Navy
Black trousers, Target
Black & white stripey socks, Target
Black wedge pumps, Dockers
Black & white stripey ball earrings, Kohl's
Black waterfall bead bib necklace, Torrid
Reddish-brown lipstick, Lorac

Alas, my carpool driver for Thursday canceled this evening, so I'm working from home tomorrow & will miss my last workday of  Stripes Week! But thanks to Megan Mae for organizing it, this was a fun challenge. I'll follow up with my last outfit (already planned) next Monday. And, of course, I always wear some stripes, so there's more down the road.


  1. Those simple, so stripy, so perfect! Wonder if they still have 'em...

  2. I love seeing striped socks peeking out of shoes!!!

  3. Eee! I love the little striped earrings. People have really come up with some creative ways of incorporating stripes that I would have never imagined. Thanks so much for joining up, I've enjoy seeing your outfits.

  4. Ok you guys, check these out! The ones in "Linen" are a stripy way to goth up nude pumps, making them truly Corp Goth (or maybe Goth Corp)! Too rich for my blood in a few ways, but hey.

  5. Someone - I bought the earrings just a couple months ago, so who knows?

    Cara - Secret stripes ftw ;-)

    LovleAnjel - Thanks.

    Megan Mae - It's been really fun, thanks again for creating the challenge!

  6. Awesome job on Stripes Week, Trystan! I love the striped earrings and tights!

  7. I also LOVE black and white (or black and grey) stripes. My friends and neighbours laugh at my wash-line. However, ahem, I am happy and sunshiney - and stripes have been my favourite since I was a kid. And now (bonus!) they're in fashion, I'm making the most of it!. I like your outfit - all of it. Cool.