Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gothy Jeans in the Office

Ok, I caved. From a case of the Mondays to a tired humpday, this week is just killing me, & my fashion choices are suffering. So today, I wore jeans & a T-shirt to work. Don't kill me! I even broke all the very savvy rules that the New Professional laid down about wearing jeans at the office, well, except I did wear dark jeans. But no heels, no dressy top, not much in the way of accessories. Also, lazy hair & minimal makeup. Blame it on flare-ups of residual health problems.

I will say tho' that wearing this simple of an outfit takes a lot less time in the morning. No wrangling with tights or fussing with hair clips or layering on eyemakup. I even had time to check email before my carpool arrived! Nice.

What I'm wearing:
Black cardigan, Chadwicks
Black & grey striped knit tunic, Macy's
Dark grey jeans, Calvin Klein
Black flat buckle boots, Aldo
Silver book-shaped locket necklace, Forever 21
Large pink filigree earrings, Blackbird Jewels on Etsy, won in a giveaway from Miss Vinyl Ahoy
Pink crystal pyramid cocktail ring, Icing

Basically, this is something I'd wear on the weekends to hang out with friends. But then again, so many people at work wear stuff this casual, I blended into the crowd today. Odd.


  1. I like when you wear jeans because you give me ideas :). I find more difficult to get a gothy look when I wear trousers. I am 70% skirts, 30% trousers.

    Lovely look! I love the boots, so cute :3.


  2. Your casual look wouldn't be at all out of place in my office either. I may be one of the only women in my office who regularly wears skirts and tights. It's not that I disapprove of other women wearing pants to the office -- I've just never particularly liked how I looked in pants.

  3. Definitely causal, but works well for work! Those earrings fancy it up for sure.

  4. Madame Macabre - Thanks! I'm about 70/30 too, usually skirts in the office & jeans or leggings on the weekends.

    Nicole - I think it's hard to find pants that are flattering. Skirts are so much easier!

    LovleAnjel - Yeah, I like the little pop of color :-)

  5. This look is more casual than what you usually post, but the stripes and the sweater still give it a classy look. I like it!

  6. VictorianKitty - Thanks! I just was not feeling up to more that morning. Yet I ended up throwing on a dress in the evening to go out w/friends. Go figure :-)