Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Casual Tuesdays

I don't know why, but I think Tuesdays deserve to be extra-casual. Mondays start off the work week, so they require a proper dress-up, dive in, let's show 'em how it's done sort of outfit. Besides, I have meetings on Mondays, and that requires something that looks good.

But by Tuesday, the reality of the week has sunk in, and that tiny bit of bravado about "I'm going to get it all done!" has worn off. I'm staring the giant to-do list in the face, and it ain't pretty. This calls for comfy clothes.

What I'm wearing:
Black & grey stripey tunic with sequin epaulets, Macy's | Black knit skirt, Target | Black bat-print leggings, Target | Chain & ribbon belt, eBay | Black ankle boots, Aldo | Silver chunky bead choker, Target | Silver hoop earrings, random accessory store

In about 10 days, I'm leaving for Spain. This weekend, I'm performing at a Renaissance faire with a new group (tho' made of people who I've known for ages). In between all of this, I have two major medical tests that may help with my ongoing chronic condition. Right after I return from Spain, I'm running a major volunteer event.

It's a little bit busy around here, mostly in good ways, but still. You can see the desire for comfy clothes!


  1. Ok, I love your leggings! Target this year? I meant to tell you on your last post, but I'll tell you here -- I love your hair! It looks divine!

  2. WOW-I love the combination of your stripes and bats! I've been meaning to hit Target for a while because a lot of the Halloween tights (stripes and spiderwebs) I got there last year are wearing out, but now I'll really have to go. They're too adorable!

  3. Le Professeur Gothique - Last year's Target! This year, the Halloween clothing was pretty lame around here. No socks/tights at all, only a few boring Ts. But these leggings & one other wear a major score last year. And thanks about the hair - the trim is making it much more versatile.

    Jamie - Good luck on Halloween hunting! Hope your Target has better stuff than mine. I found great housewares, but nothing cute to *wear* this year.

  4. Those boots are killing me! Very Renaissance.

    By the way, I agree on Target having nothing this year but have you looked at the pop-up Halloween superstores? I took the kids to one for costumes, and they had an entire wall of striped tights. I'm tempted to go back....

  5. lazysubculturalgirl - I call these boots my gothic elf boots! They're comfy too. I should check out the Halloween popups, if I have time before my trip. Mmmmm, stripey tights...

  6. Oh I love those tights! Target had all sorts of great stuff last year. This year I've seen some regular & knee-hi socks, but no tights.

  7. LovleAnjel - Target is sometimes an 'every other year' thing. So hopefully next year will have goodies!