Monday, October 10, 2011

Ruffles & Plaid

Plus a haircut, finally. Remember my bad hair day recently? Well no more complaining -- I got a nice trim this weekend, and while it's probably hard to tell in pictures, the cut really helps make my hair more manageable. Just a few inches off and a little bit of shaping, and I love it.

What I'm wearing:
Black sweater with ruffled collar and cuffs, Newport News
Black & white plaid skirt, made by Donna
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Silhouette pendant on silk ribbon, gift from Kendra
Gunmetal & rhinestone hoop earrings, NY & Co.
Round-toe pumps, Target

Also, my tripod is getting pretty crooked. Not sure why, but it refuses to stand straight, and I end up fixing the problem in PhotoShop afterwards. Weird.


  1. As someone with curly/wavy hair myself, I get how a little trim can make a HUGE difference. And I'm a lover of plaid also. =)

  2. Very nice outfit. I love the skirt!

  3. The haircut helped tame the haircloud. It looks very nice. The ruffles on the shirt look really nice, too, not too twee.

  4. I LOVE getting my hair cut -- it makes a huge difference, you're right! The skirt is really cute too, I actually thought it was a button-down shirt made into a skirt when I first scrolled down. On further examination, it's clearly a circle skirt so I have no idea what I was thinking.

    This may be a personal question, but I've been dying to ask -- is Trystan your real name or did you rename yourself as you grew up? It's just not a very common name for a girl, and I'm something of an amateur onomastician (person who studies proper names).

  5. Your hair looks supercute, and I love this outfit-the plaid/ruffles combo manages to be fun and grown-up-looking all at the same time! The skirt looks so twirly and awesome.

  6. I love seing your pics of goth grown up, makes me (a littl on the older side) feel there is hope this is an addorable outfit,not to mention it looks totaly comfertable!!!