Friday, October 14, 2011

Medieval CorpGoth Faux Tattoo

At an SCA event the weekend before last, I got a "Rat Tat." This is a silly little thing common around here -- there's a guy nicknamed Rat who does lovely calligraphy and has a taste for drawing on women's chests (with permission, of course). The lady chooses the words, he writes in medieval script. I've never done one because I couldn't think of anything that I wanted drawn across my chest (and let's just not get into any implications of the act -- it's all meant in harmless fun).

Until that weekend when a friend, who reads this blog and was complimenting it, suggested "CorpGoth" for a Rat Tat. Heh, well, that I could get into. And thus, I did. Not exactly work-appropriate!


  1. Not work appropriate but it looks exquisite!! I wish we had someone like Rat around here. :D

  2. That's awesome! Grown-up temporary tattoos!! :) Very nicely done, too.

  3. Maybe its a new fashion soon. I would prefer non permanent tattoos, but its considered a bit childish. But it would be perfect for a night out and then washed away for proper job look.