Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goth Challenge #8 - Non-Goths

#8: What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?
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Worst -- Haven't been many, but I do recall my grandmother picking on a coffin-shaped necklace I wore during a visit to see her, maybe a dozen years ago. Even tho' I was wearing a white T-shirt and blue-jean cutoff shorts. She zeroed in on the only goth thing on me at the time and criticized it. Sheesh.

Best -- All my friends. Offline, I don't associate with that many people who self-identify as goths. Not on purpose, but "goth" isn't the first or main thing I look for in a potential friend. My friends have no issues with my style, it's just part of me that they love because they're my friends. That's why we're, y'know, friends!

My pretty pretty princess, non-goth, BFFs.


  1. Exactly -- most of my BFFs in real life aren't Goth, either. Not even alternative at that. :-)

  2. My friends have mostly grown up with me, and now that we're older, we keep folding more people into our circle. Like a shifting human snowball, kind of. Or maybe more of a series of Venn diagrams where everybody is vaguely connected. They're a pretty diverse group, but no Goths although a few people fit into the hippie/alternative crowd. I love my crew! :-)

    Those patch sashes are awesome! Some kind of alternative Girl Scout thing? I am a failed Camp Fire Bluebird, so naturally curious.....

  3. Tenebris In Lux - My hubbi is kind of ex-goth, & one of my best friends jokes that she's proto-goth, but that's as close as it gets!

    lazysubculturalgirl - That's our Pink Drink Commando uniforms w/our Demerit Badges :-) It's a joke costume we put together & was one of the least-goth pix I had of me & friends (tho' I do have skulls on my dress) - explanation here:

  4. My grandmother and one of her sisters also my worst (and pretty much only) critics. Especially now that I'm married and pushing 30, I should be out of that "phase" according to them. I have always been a very casual type of goth, so most people didn't care. Even if I tone it down to the max when visiting my grandmother, she will criticize the one thing I can't change or hide: my black hair.

  5. My grandmother was also very picky when I had just started to "be goth". On one of her visits I didn't wear anything that would make me seem goth, but as TheDormouse said, the black hair still remains. So she was like "Why black? That's the color of satanists." But now a days she's mostly just happy to see me at all and/or maybe got used to me wearing black. :D