Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Dress Goes Fall

I've done this before -- wearing a summer dress on a cool day. It's clearly not rocket science. But I so love the effect, and I was just *waiting* for autumn crispness to be able to do it with this particular dress. It has a very deep neckline that demands wearing with some kind of top underneath, so the dress is as perfect for layering over a long-sleeve T as it is a cami. Of course, when the temperature drops even more, I could add a sweater or jacket on top.

What I'm wearing:
Blue knit dress, | Black long-sleeve T-shirt, Old Navy | Black tights, unknown brand | Black spool-heel boots, Target | Black linen scarf printed with skulls, gift from my husband | Dangly purple earrings painted with bats, made by a local artist | Purple flower pin in my hair, random accessory store

So, do you get multi-seasonal use out of summer clothes? Or do you just pack them away during the cold months?

(Note: I actually wore this yesterday and am a day behind on blogging. Today's outfit worn while presenting to journalism students will get blogged tomorrow, even tho' I'm working from home as per Friday usual ;-) 


  1. I wear 'summer' clothes all year 'round (I live in southern Ontario). I like how you've styled the summer dress with the skull scarf (I think it's cute) and long sleeves (I wouldn't of thought to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath, I just wear sweaters all year 'round).

  2. Our weather is so erratic (I'm in SoCal but near the coast) that I never pack anything away -- I know I'll need sweaters in June and shorts in December and everything in between!

    I like the way you styled this dress. I'm a fan of layering, but find it hard to do in my own wardrobe because I'm easily irritated by the layers catching on each other. Someday, I'll figure it out -- I'm thinking matte surfaces need to be next to more satiny ones but that's usually as far as I get.

  3. I love the combination of the royal blue dress and the skull print scarf-something about it just makes me happy! And I am very much a fan of wearing summer stuff in cooler weather with layering-I just have a hard time making it look good. You pulled this off fabulously, though!

  4. What a nice way to use the summerdresses a little bit longer. Most clothes stays in the wardrobe all year round. In sweden the temperature is very variating all the year round. Summerdays can be exhausting hot and the following night almost freezing cold. Have a nice weekend!

  5. I love the dress, and the scark is so cute :3. There are some items that I use all year like corsets and some tank top. In summer I wear them alone, and in winter I wear them with another item, like a lace longsleeve top n_n.

  6. The cobalt and black look smashing together.

  7. That dress is a beautiful color and very flattering.

    My shopping habit has accrued so much clothing that I don't mix seasons very often. I have so many long-sleeved things to wear I don't bother to bridge my short-sleeved tops into the fall. Not that it matters, since we're finishing our third week of unseasonably hot & dry weather. Erg.

  8. Those spool-heel boots catch my eye every time you wear them. I just love them! And I love that you incorporated the skull scarf.

    Since we have 4 different seasons of summer here on the Gulf Coast, I hardly pack away any summer clothes, and definitely believe in layering, especially recently. It can make so many more outfits out of one thing.

  9. lirit-arnauld - Layering under is new to me in the past year, but I'm really liking the versatility.

    lazysubculturalgirl - I find that just a layer on the top, if the materials stick together, is pretty easy. They mesh & feel like one thru the day.

    Jamie - It's all about the skulls ;-)

    linnea-maria - Wow, what a temperature range!

    Madame Macabre - Ooo, a lace longsleeve top would be lovely.

    Sal - Thanks, I'm loving this combo!

    LovleAnjel - Eek, I hope fall visits you soon.

    Traicetrak - I do love these boots, tho' they need repairs shortly...