Friday, October 7, 2011

Dodging Raindrops Whilst Going Back to School

The heavens opened in Silicon Valley yesterday, perhaps crying to mourn the passing of visionary Steve Jobs. Well, I like to think so. He meant a great deal to me -- I am not a tech-geeky type by nature and would never have gotten on computers, on the Internet, or into my current career if not for the magical machine that is Macintosh, truly the computer for the rest of us. Apple products changed my life for the better, no exaggeration, and I owe Steve (& Steve W.) a huge debt of gratitude.

One of the most appropriate Steve Jobs quotes for me is: "Apple's major contribution was to bring a liberal arts point of view to computers."

And yesterday, I had one of my occasional opportunities to return to a seat of liberal arts learning myself -- the local university I started a Master's degree at, but abandoned to work in the Internet industry. This time, I was there to talk to a couple combined classes in the journalism department. The topic was an overview of 'writing for the Web,' where I tried to cram everything future writers and editors should know about the topic into one hour.

But enough shop talk! What about the outfit? Professional, yet comfortable, plus suitable for the weather. Yep, had to wear the Clarks again, both for the rain and for being on my feet. I also like to wear something purple whenever I represent my company (not hard, considering how much purple is in my wardrobe). I wasn't sure if I'd get hot in the sweater, but I'd forgotten how drafty those old buildings get.

What I'm wearing:
Purple knit dress, Target
Black ruffled sweater, Kohl's
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black knee-high boots, Clarks
Silver disk earrings, random accessory store

Are you a Mac or a PC? Do you care?


  1. I'm a PC myself, but think Apple's emphasis on ease of interface has made PCs a lot easier to use. My first computer was an Apple IIe, and I'lll always associate my love of video games with some of the early text games (as well as an unhealthy wariness in the dark ... you are likely to be eaten by a grue). I'm very sad at Steve Jobs' passing.

  2. Golly, I remember how unusable those first home computers were. My sister's family bought one. I think it was only used for video games. Rustic ones, at that.

    Love this outfit. As always, a particular item strikes my fancy. Love the ruffle sweater. So nice.

    Haha! My captcha is "nutheat" ... where do they get these?

  3. R.I.P. Steve Jobs! He will be greatly missed in this household, too. The first computer I bought myself was a Mac and I haven't stopped since. I LOVE. ADORE. LOVE. my Mac and iPod. For me the Apple products are intuitive, organic, and play well with visual and liberal arts. I can't imagine writing my dissertation on a PC, as I couldn't imagine writing my thesis on a PC.

    Steve Jobs was insightful, forward- thinking, an organizational nut, and a key designer. I will miss him terribly. :(

    PURPLE! Very, very nice. I really love the ruffled sweater and you already know that I'm a Clarks fan. :) You look beautiful.

  4. I use a PC .. and it runs Linux, not Windows nor Apple. How hardcore of a geek am I, now? xP

  5. Oh, I love your ruffly sweater-it really pops against the simplicity of the purple dress. And I'm both-I use my Mac laptop for my video editing and my little Samsung netbook for my photo work (because GIMP for Mac hates me) and writing. It's a win-win-the only time I mind when someone prefers either one is when they are obnoxious and evangelical about it. No, your choice of computer doesn't make you a morally superior person to me, thanks. :P

  6. Love the ruffly sweater! It looks so comfy.

    I'm a PC person myself, and every once in awhile I get nostalgic and try to back out into the DOS shell.

  7. like how you tell where you get your cloths, and i think anything with an I in front of it Ihone, Ipad just means it costs more, i love my windows, watched boss on Ipad and i think she gripes more about it than i do my windows