Friday, April 13, 2012

Bataan Death March to Mt. Lassen

Mt. Lassen by Smack / Wikimedia Commons
Alright, I know it's not that hard by any stretch, but "training" for a relatively mild hike when you're essentially sedentary kinda sucks. But I'm doing it, so I should get a little credit, right? Coincidentally, the most recent BatFit challenge from Le Professeur Gothique was to "get outside," & while I'm not outside right now (this is Northern California's rainy season), I'm planning to go outside, & again, I should get some points for trying.

See, my husband & I are planning to hike at Mt. Lassen as part of a little roadtrip in July. We're driving up the coast to Oregon, making stops at NorCal breweries, visiting friends, & going to one of California's biggest mountains in between. He hiked Lassen as a kid, but I've never been.

To get in shape, I figured I should increase how much I walk, & the easiest (if most tediously boring) way is the treadmill at the gym in my office complex. I can do it during lunch for 20 minutes, set a steep hill pattern on the machine, & just go.

I hate it, but I hate all forms of exercise, so that's not new. I used to run, for about 3 years, even did a few 10k races, but I got bored. I've tried various dance classes & yoga & weights & Wii Fit, but I got bored. I had a ton of exercise tapes/DVDs, but I got bored -- although back then, there weren't anything like these spooky workout DVDs recommended by Stripy Tights & Dark Delights -- I'm kind of tempted.

I haven't been able to stick with an exercise routine in ages. They either make me feel like a hamster in a wheel or simply frustrate me & they ultimately bore me to tears. Unlike my hubbi, who loves the hell out of inline hockey & plays as much as he can. He's ready to take on that mountain; I need to catch up to him by July!

Well, I managed to hit that treadmill hard twice this week, & I got in over a mile of serious walking around the neighborhood doing errands (with a little rain, even). Let's hope I can keep this up.


  1. Do be aware that when you use the "hill climber" on your treadmill, you will be working your calf muscles like crazy and they, in turn, will increase in size. I worked myself out of my favourite pair of cowboy boots that way. Try lunges instead: you will increase your stamina without putting inches on your calves.

  2. Good for you! You can totally keep it up. Any movement is good movement. Teaching myself to not be sedentary by playing roller derby was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it was one of the most rewarding. I love my muscles.

  3. That's great! Especially when you really hate it. I think it will be a pleasure hiking at this beautiful mountain.

  4. oh boy, Trystan, Lassen is like The Nature Place for the goth-inclined - the creator really let his/her goth side shine there! especially in Bumpass Hell.

    yeehaw! This post is a bit of kismet - yesterday the topic of ancient battle re-creationists came up with my dad and i mentioned that a fellow blogger was an SCA member. The kismet part is that Dad's wife grew up camping in Lassen, we've camped there together, her dad's ashes are scattered there....they're who i think of when Lassen is mentioned.

    anyhoo, if you're able to get in any tromping around in hilly, unpaved areas before your trip you'll really appreciate the exercise and the experience. V. different from on the treadmill, though i don't knock the machines either. If anything about bugs, flowers, rocks, volcanos, trees, birds, weather, history, etc. interests you then get a field guide or something and start looking around when you're walking. That can make moving the bod a lot more enjoyable, i find.

    Happy Saturday! steph

  5. I live 2 blocks from Golden Gate Park which for being in the middle of the city has some great walks. I try for 3 hours or more per week, which is enough with reasonable caloric intake to get me back to a more slender, Morticia like shape. Once a month I take BART to Colma for my favorite urban hike, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, which is absolutely beautiful. From El Camino Real, East or West, it's an uphill adventure. I prefer the East side, it's older and the final resting place of the rich and famous of the last 2 centuries. A walk through the latter part of the Victorian Era.

  6. I've had large calves all my life, & when I ran 5x a week for over 3 years (including running 10k races), the size of my calves didn't change an inch, so I think I'm ok walking the treadmill 2-3x a week for a couple months. Thanks!

  7. Wow, roller derby sounds awesome -- go you!

  8. Once I'm surrounded by a pretty view, it will be worth it :-)

  9. Yeah, I can't wait to see the volcanic action! And also coincidentally, the part I didn't mention about the trip is that the Oregon midpoint is an SCA event, hah.

    Once it stops raining here, my hubbi & I are going to do a few walks in the nearby hills. There's some fun local walks too, but I gotta start somewhere & the treadmill is convenient.

  10. Oh yes, both Golden Gate Park & Colma have some lovely places! Have you been to Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland? It's gorgeous, very old & scenic, fabulous place for picnics & long walks, since it's in the hills.