Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cool Links

A few things I've found in my online wanderings recently...

Subtle Goth TV launched recently & already has five episodes online. This video series is an offshoot of the home decor & fashion blog, The Morbid Fashion. I particularly love that both these projects are aimed at "grown-up goths," showing that you don't have to be into wacky club-kid fashion & loud music to still express your essential gothiness. I may have to add "SubtleGoth" to my moniker along with "CorpGoth" from now on ;-)

Edward Penfield cover for
Harper's Magazine, May 1887
Speaking of grown-up goths, Stripy Tights & Dark Delights has a fascinating post about a Grandma Goth in Denver, Colorado, U.S. This senior citizen has been goth all her life, long before Bauhaus and Siouxie Sioux were around, again, proving it's not just about the music, it's a whole outlook on life.

On another topic, Sal of Already Pretty has a very useful post about managing pets & their hair when you're a stylish woman. It's not just lint rollers, try a Filth Sheet! Seriously, we cover everything upholstered with similar throw blankets & remove them when guests arrive. Read the comments for more great tips (acting like Mr. Rodgers is another one I do).

The Dashing Eccentric has an excellent take on how comfort equals style. One of my pet peeves is when people think only baggy jeans & T-shirts are comfortable. Not so! Elegant, attractive clothes in beautiful fabrics can be perfectly comfortable too.

Wardrobe Oxygen has a thoughtful post on when it's not worth trying to make it work -- that is, when to admit that a piece of clothing just doesn't work on you & in your wardrobe. I'm sure we've all bought something that seemed great in the dressing room, but then was too fussy or weird in real life.

And here's a fun one: Lyndar the Merciless has a cool-looking idea for glitter-tipped nails in the style of a French manicure. Doesn't hurt that her example uses black nail polish with gold glitter (OK, we'd use silver glitter, but still).

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