Monday, April 2, 2012

Corporate Floral

Sophistique Noir notes: "Spring is here! I thought this would be a good time to break out the floral theme." So here's my interpretation of April's "flower" theme...

I started with this dark floral top, which totally (like, omg, totally!) reminds me of the big, cabbage-rose, floral prints I wore in the 1980s. Loved those! I was an addict, so I was thrilled to find this retro shirt a few years ago. I'd wear more florals if I could find more of these prints (& don't say "go thrifting" bec. I have, but I never find ones like I used to wear, or if I do, it's only in some far *too* '80s style, like Hammer pants or a cropped jacket with huge shoulder pads. Once around that fashion merry-go-round is enough for me, thx ;-)

When looking for a skirt to pair the top with, I was surprised to notice that this burgundy skirt matches perfectly. And we all know how much I love matchy-matchy outfits. I nearly paired my burgundy knee-high boots with it too, but that felt a bit bottom-heavy on the burgundy color. Then I saw these heels -- one of my very favorite pairs, but I hardly ever wear them as I consider these "dressy" shoes, only suitable for weddings & fancy parties. Maybe due to the very high heel. However, with this corporate silhouette, I don't think they read as party shoes.

And then there's the jacket. This holds fond memories -- it's the jacket for the "interview suit" my mom bought for me right out of college. Yep, I'm wearing a jacket that's about 20 years old! Admittedly, it doesn't button up the front anymore, but it was impeccably made, I could never get rid of it. The jacket fits beautifully in the shoulders & back, & we had the arms tailored to a perfect length. So I still wear it open (which I do with a lot of jackets anyway), & I believe it looks fine.

Add a few more floral accessories to go with the theme, & here's a gothic floral ensemble suitable (pun not intended) for the workplace.

What I'm wearing:
Dark floral knit top, H&M
Burgundy skirt, NY & Company
Black suit jacket, Macy's
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Burgundy & black lace pumps, Rampage
Silver rose necklace, vintage
Silver sparkly dangle earrings, random accessory store
Black rose cocktail ring, random accessory store
Burgundy flower hair pin, random accessory store
Make Up For Ever burgundy lipstick #48


  1. That's a really nice floral top - nice and bold, and the rust and burgundy together are really unusual and modern. It has that 80s vibe, but without screaming, "I'm from the 80s!"

    The shoes look great with this - the black tights make them less punchy.

    Sheila (Ephemera)

  2. Oh wow! I have some serious flower envy going on! The top, the ring, the necklace....yep, serious envy for the whole outfit..and did I mention how much I want those shoes? You look awesome!

  3. That outfit is so nice. the skirt matches the shirt perfectly. Cute necklace

  4. I have wanted those shoes for years *so jealous*

  5. I love the burgundy colour and how you matched those burgundy items. This makes the whole thing seem mysterious and a bit darker than expected. Very well done!
    I'm also very envious of your shoes and necklace. :)

  6. Erm, somehow I can only manage to log in with my other gmail-account. I'm from:

    Just in case ;)

  7. I recall my mother dressing me in those big cabbage rose prints in the 80s, but mine were in horrible clashing pastel colors. Yours, of course, looks fabulous, and I am once again srsly envious of your shoes.

  8. Oh I love this combo. Florals are hard, I am not sure I've ever found a good floral anything while thrifting either. Perhaps I'm too picky :)

    The shoes and necklace kill me. So, so pretty!

  9. Meagan HendricksonApril 3, 2012 at 8:44 AM

    You look lovely! I love the shoes and the blouse colors and combination :)

  10. Fantastic color combination! The rust shades are somewhat unexpected for floral, but work great for a flowery Goth look. The shoes and jacket are the perfect finishing touches. Your mom was awesome to buy you a quality interview suit!

    You always have the best rings, and today is no exception. The black roses are seriously gorgeous.

  11. Vulcan ButterflyApril 3, 2012 at 9:47 AM

    That is a fantastic necklace.

  12. Thanks! I so wish I could find more florals like this top.

  13. I know, I was amazed they matched! Thanks.

  14. Hee, I absolutely could *not* resist these shoes when I saw them!

  15. Thanks! Burgundy is truly one of my favorite colors (& it goes so well with black ;-).

  16. LOL! I'm sure I had some crazy pastel florals in the '80s too (but no photos survive ;-). Thanks.

  17. Oh yes, I'm quite picky about florals. There just aren't that many good ones in stores. Too bad!

  18. Thanks! I do love that color, so much of it in my wardrobe, but I was surprised that this top matched the skirt.

  19. Thanks! I've had it forever, a favorite vintage find.

  20. LOVE this whole outfit-the burgundy is a great color on you! And I fiercely covet both your necklace and your shoes. So pretty!