Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stripes on the Porch

Raindrops kept me out of any good lighting opportunities this morning -- and, of course, the rain cleared up by the time I got to work. Foo. Had to tweak the pix in PhotoShop. My batcave of a house has insufficient lighting for full outfit photography.

What I'm wearing:
Black & white stripe knit jacket, Marshalls | Grey sheath dress, Target | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black & white ankle-strap pumps, Ross | Victorian-esque silhouette pendant on silk ribbon, gift from Kendra | Victorian-esque dangly jet earrings, random accessory store | Black & hematite cocktail ring, random accessory store | Urban Decay "Gash" lipstick


  1. I have been hoping to stumble upon a terrific striped blazer, on sale or via thrift. Your beautiful outfit only makes me want one more!