Monday, April 30, 2012

Ruffles & Frou-Frou

This weekend, I got back a bunch of repaired shoes & boots from the cobbler, so I built an outfit around these lovely velvet boots, newly re-soled. Which inspired a romantic outfit, rather well suited to the warm, spring day (sweater only needed for a bit in the morning & a few air-conditioned conference rooms).

What I'm wearing:
Black wool ruffled bolero sweater, Kohl's | Dark floral short-sleeve knit top, H&M | Black crinkle cotton skirt, Rampage | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Burgundy crushed velvet boots, bought from a friend | Chunky gunmetal & rhinestone necklace, random accessory store | Black with pink gems Victorian-esque earrings, random accessory store | Black roses cocktail ring, Icing


  1. What a gorgeous outfit and how scrumptious are those boots.

  2. Catherine MerrbachMay 1, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    I really like this outfit on you, it's slimming and fun. Makes me think you'll kick up your heels and enjoy that spring energy. And the boots!!! <3 <3

  3. Those boots rock.

  4. The soles were totally coming off - so happy to get them repaired & back in rotation :-)

  5. Thanks so much! It did feel very springtime-y.

  6. love your necklace ! It reminds me of one I just bought online :)
    those shoes are very cute on you

    best wishes !