Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mad for Plaid

I really do not have enough plaid in my wardrobe, despite my adoration for it. Plaid & stripes are the only prints I truly enjoy. Florals are iffy -- I like a few of them, but others make me want to puke due to their teeny-weeny grandma-ness or "hello, I'm a large Victorian couch"-ness*. I love brocades & jacquards, but those are borderline textures than true prints. Indian prints float my boat, but then, I was raised by hippies.

Anyway, back to plaids. I used to have a ton of plaid skirts (including a boatload of wool plaid from Scotland; not the most practical wearing for Northern California's mild climate), & somehow right now, this skirt is the only plaid in my closet. *sniff*  And if it weren't for the fear of being repeat-y in the blog, I'd have worn it every other week already since fall began! Alas, you'll just have to make do with seeing it again today & probably once more before spring.

What I'm wearing:
Black lace jacket, Macy's
Black long-sleeve T-shirt, Old Navy
Black & white plaid dirndl skirt, H&M
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Red ankle boots, Aeropostale
Chunky silver bead necklace, Target
Pewter key earrings, made by me
Black & white flower hair pin, Claire's
Gash lipstick, Urban Decay

*Our couch has a horrible large floral print on it. The couch is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law (who other than this couch, seems to have good taste). I slipcovered it in burgundy velveteen, but after 10 years, the slipcover is starting to fall apart. Heck, the couch cushions are starting to fall apart! I dream of owning a properly upholstered couch in a color I love & never, ever seeing such a wretched floral again.


  1. "hello, I'm a large Victorian couch"-ness - Made me laugh right out!
    Too funny - I know exactly what you mean.
    Your plaid skirt is lovely :)

  2. HollyElise - Oh yeah. Nobody wants to look like a couch!

    Yvette - Sale rack goodness ;-)

  3. I'm with you on florals, except sometimes the print is so wretched it makes me WANT to wear it.

    Another jacket to covet!

  4. lovleanjel - True nuff, the 'so bad it's good' print does have a place ;-)

  5. Love this outfit - the texture in the jacket is fab! I'm with you on plaids - LOVE.

    I'm also very fussy with my florals. I like bold prints.

  6. I love your lace jacket. I've been looking for a new one. I really like your whole outfit.