Monday, April 29, 2013

Grey and Memories

Not sure when I took this outfit post (sometime in fall 2012?), but it makes me wistful because I wore a bracelet I don't wear too often. It's a charm bracelet with special photos -- pictures of things that mean a lot to me. There's one from my husband's & my wedding, there's one of the Taj Mahal to symbolize travel, & there is one of each of our cats, Toulouse & Melusine. Only ... Melusine died in February after 16 wonderful years with us.

I didn't want to post here about her passing when it happened. It was too raw to share in this, one of the few places online where I am completely public. I'd talked about it elsewhere in locked-down, friends-only spaces (even my Facebook account is friends, or at least acquaintances-only).

But slowly, I've come to let the world know that we are a one-cat household. I updated my profile on this blog, where it used to say we live in a bungalow "with two cats who hate each other" now it says "with a silly tabby cat" (yeah, they acted like they hated each other, but now that she's gone, he really seems to miss her; I suspect it was a one-way relationship).

Bracelet showing photo of Toulouse

Little things, like finding this outfit photo, remind me again. Memories of our Melly-girl will never go away, she'll always be a part of our family. And slowly, the reminders won't hurt.

What I'm wearing:
Black & grey knit dress, Coldwater Creek
Black long-sleeve knit top, Old Navy
Black elastic belt, NY & Company
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Red ankle boots, Kohls
Silver, black, rhinestone necklace, random accessory store
Silver earrings, random accessory store
Burgundy flower hair pin, random accessory store
Silver & pearl photo-charm bracelet

Melusine in 2004

Thursday, April 25, 2013

These Are Not the Boots I Was Looking For

Not until after I took the first of these photos did I realize I was wearing the wrong boots. Or at least, I was wearing different boots than I thought I had put on! So I went back & took photos of these boots (because it felt more wrong to go change boots at that point).

When I was grabbing boots & putting them on in my walk-in closet, I thought I was getting the pointy high-heeled granny boots (last worn here), not the round-toe high-heeled ones. But they both lace up the front & have side zippers & the same height heels, so they *felt* the same as I put them on. When I looked in my full-length mirror, I didn't notice the shoes, but I later realized that there was something blocking the very bottom of the mirror, so I didn't actually *see* the shoes with the outfit.

Ah well, they almost look the same with this ensemble. I wonder if this means I have too many of the same kind of boots? Naahhh....

What I'm wearing:
Black & purple striped cardigan, Old Navy
Black T-shirt, Target
Black crinkle gauze peasant skirt, Macy's
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black lace-up, spool-heeled boots, Target
Silver & hematite fish necklace, Ann D'Aboise
Silver filigree medallion earrings, Target
Purple & black flower hair pins, random accessory store
Purple lipstick, Sephora house brand

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue With Lace

Something about today's overcast skies called for lace. And the blue dress. Does the weather affect your moods & how you dress?

What I'm wearing today:
Black lace jacket, Macy's | Blue knit dress, | Black knit camisole, Old Navy | Black lace tights, Target | Black kitten-heel pumps, Aldo | Hematite beaded necklace, gift from a friend | Silver cameo earrings, vintage | Jet & gunmetal cocktail ring, random accessory store

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hidden Bat Week: Delayed

I'm finally recovered from last week's nasty illness, so I'm back at work. More importantly, I can finally wear the last bat I wanted to hide in an office-worthy outfit. I feel kind of lame for having missed most of my own theme week. Thank goodness for the Curious Professor Z who had an amazing five different outfits (start here & go back) -- you rock, my dear! Totally awesome! And thanks to everyone else for participating: Linnea-Maria, The Mutant Stomp Friends, Pixel Pixie, & Sophistique Noir.

This particularly bad cold probably came on because I'm a bit overload right now. I've really been pushing myself for the past few months with events & sewing & getting reading for our big trip at the beginning of summer. Plus my job has kicked into high gear, so I just haven't had much downtime. I guess my body's defenses were weakened. Well, the big push is almost over, & I'll have time to relax very soon. I can't wait!

What I'm wearing:
Black jacket with piping, Macy's
Black T-shirt, Old Navy
Black & white paisley skirt with ruffles, made by Donna
Black sling-back pumps, Payless Shoe Source
Silver bat necklace, Plastickland, gift from my husband
Black & white beaded cuff bracelet, bought in Kauai
Silver hoop earrings, random accessory store
Revlon "Raisin Rage" lipstick

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hidden Bat Week - Wish List

So yeah, I'm still sick. Went to the doctor & got meds for strep throat. Dr. said not to go into the office for the rest of the week. Not sure how I'll fit in my planned batty outfits, but until then, here's a Polyvore set of showing some spiffy tights that have been on my wishlist for a while, plus a dress, shoes, & jewelry that are either things I have or very much like ones I own. Keep on posting your Hidden Bat Week ensembles & I'll join in tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hidden Bat Week: Sick Day

It started as a work-from-home day. With just a bit of a sore throat. But that increased throughout the day beyond pain when swallowing to constant pain & the realization that I should probably go to the doctor tomorrow. Symptoms are consistent with strep throat, which is more of an inconvenience than anything.

Particularly for Hidden Bat Week because I don't want to go into the office when I'm contagious & there go all my cool outfits! Ah well, I'll figure out something...

What I'm wearing:
Black knit tunic top, American Apparel | Black cardigan sweater, April Cornell via Lisa | Black bat-print leggings, Target | Black socks, Target | Black velvet slippers,

Yes, I've blogged these bats before, but only because I love them :)

A few more Hidden Bat Week Status Reports I've seen around:
The Curious Professor Z, day 2
The Mutant Stomp Friends

Share your posts in the comments!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hidden Bat Week: In the Pink

Remembering I hadn't worn this necklace is part of what inspired Hidden Bat Week 2 (electric bugaloo). It's so pretty, so delicate, batty but not typical or traditionally goth. Definitely a hidden bat!

Don't worry, I have some spooky bats coming out this week too, but I wanted to share this one first.

What I'm wearing:
Pink & purple print cardigan, Chadwicks | Black silk sheath dress, Target | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black & pink pumps, Irregular Choice | Purple, pink, silver, & pearl bat pendant, Jewels by Olivia | Silver & crystal earrings, random accessory store

Here are the first Bat Week posts I've seen:

Thanks for participating! Everyone remember to add your links in the comments.

Find the bat yet?
Here's the bat!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Professor's Homework Assignment: Rain

She said "rain" & two things came to my mind: my favorite umbrella & my favorite rainy song, "Happy When It Rains" by The Jesus & Mary Chain. Admittedly, this umbrella isn't very goth, nor particularly corporate, but I love it to bits. It's starting to fall apart inside, so I don't use it as much as I used to, but it's so pretty. It makes me smile. I've had it for, oh, a decade or more. As many may recognize, it's printed with part of one of Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" paintings.

To make up for this non-gothiness, here's the best rain-themed song ever, imnsho. I love every little thing about this song. The lyrics are fantastic, & the tune kicks ass. "We lived our lives in black," indeed!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Don't Forget About the Bats

Hidden Bat Week is coming up on Monday! All next week, you can join in by posting your work-friendly outfits that feature a bat (or two or more) somewhere in there. Post on any day from Monday through Friday or every day. Take a look at my first week of outfits for ideas.

Due Date: Monday, April 15, to Friday, April 19

How to File Your Report:

1. Post to your blog at any time during Hidden Bat Week or multiple times.

2. Include the following code in your post so the This Is CorpGoth Hidden Bat Status Report graphic will display (if you're using Blogger or WordPress, switch to the 'HTML post' setting & then paste this code in):

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a>

3. Comment on any of my posts that week, including your blog link.

4. Read everyone else's reports via their links in the comments!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To Tuck or Not to Tuck

I'm not talking drag queens here, lol! I'm talking about tucking shirts into skirts or pants. About 98% of the time, I leave tops untucked, mostly for comfort reasons, partly because I'm a smidge self-conscious about my round tummy. But I will admit that there are style benefits to tucking in a shirt (as Sal points out in this Already Pretty post).

Tucking in a top can make petite lil' me look taller by not dragging down my top half & by raising my waist. The visual line of a tucked top can pleasantly emphasize the waist. Lastly, a neat, tucked shirt can look more polished & professional -- always sharp for the office.

So do you tuck shirts in or leave them out? When & why or not?

What I'm wearing:
Burgundy corduroy jacket with vintage jet buttons added by me, Kohls | Black knit long-sleeve top, Old Navy | Grey & black striped skirt, Nordstroms | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black square-toe patent pumps, unknown brand | Pewter medallion necklace, made by a local artist | Gunmetal hoop earrings, random accessory store

Monday, April 8, 2013

Stripey Work from Home

Admittedly, I put on a few accessories because I had to run some errands at the end of the day. But this is essentially a work-from-home outfit. It's comfy, casual, but not totally boring (I hope!).

What I'm wearing:
Black & white pinstripe jacket, Macy's | Black knit dress, Target | Black & white stripe leggings, American Apparel | Black ankle boots, Aldo | Silver chunky bead choker, Target | Black & white stripe bead earrings, Kohls

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Here Comes the Rain Again ... Maybe

Dodged some raindrops this morning, but I'm hoping it'll clear up for this weekend as I have plans. And besides, we really should be done with the showers & on to a nice, dry springtime by now. Not that I mind an excuse for wearing boots, but still.

What I'm wearing:
Black velveteen jacket, White House Black Market | Black knit long-sleeve top, Old Navy | Black & white plaid circle skirt, H&M | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Tall black boots, Clarks | Black skull-print scarf, gift from my husband | Silver & black teardrop earrings, random accessory store

Do you have clear spring weather yet or is winter hanging on where you live?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme: Vintage

I used to have & wear a lot of vintage clothing. In college, I worked at a second-hand clothing store, so I bought from the store's stock all the time. I had flirty little dresses, beaded sweaters, perky hats, & piles of jewelry. But over time, I've sold off the collection or it simply wore out

However, I do occasionally find vintage pieces I can wear for my costume events. They tend to be fragile, so I don't want to spend much money on the items, knowing I will only get one or two wears out of it before the item becomes a study piece. But it's fun to wear something with history.

In 2006, I wore this vintage 1930s dress to the Art Deco Society's Gatsby Picnic.

The same year, I wore this authentic 1914 evening gown to the Gala Ball at Costume College.

In everyday wear, I tend to only wear vintage jewelry, since clothing like this is either too extravagant for the office or just too delicate. But I love clothing with vintage styling details too.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Status Report: Hidden Bat Week

Not an April Fool, but an April surprise! This month's status report is a biggie, it's a whole week -- Hidden Bat Week. I was looking over my articles & saw that I'd never repeated this theme from 2011, which was inspired by another blogger's hidden owls. So I'm turning it into a CorpGoth Status Report so everyone who wants can join in.

What you should post is a work-friendly outfit that includes a bat somewhere in the ensemble. Take a look at my first week of outfits for ideas! You can post any time during the week, just once or as many as all five workdays. It's up to you.

Due Date: Monday, April 15, to Friday, April 19

How to File Your Report:

1. Post to your blog at any time during Hidden Bat Week or multiple times.

2. Include the following code in your post so the This Is CorpGoth Hidden Bat Status Report graphic will display (if you're using Blogger or WordPress, switch to the 'HTML post' setting &amp; then paste this code in):

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a>

3. Comment on any of my posts that week, including your blog link.

4. Read everyone else's reports via their links in the comments!