Monday, April 29, 2013

Grey and Memories

Not sure when I took this outfit post (sometime in fall 2012?), but it makes me wistful because I wore a bracelet I don't wear too often. It's a charm bracelet with special photos -- pictures of things that mean a lot to me. There's one from my husband's & my wedding, there's one of the Taj Mahal to symbolize travel, & there is one of each of our cats, Toulouse & Melusine. Only ... Melusine died in February after 16 wonderful years with us.

I didn't want to post here about her passing when it happened. It was too raw to share in this, one of the few places online where I am completely public. I'd talked about it elsewhere in locked-down, friends-only spaces (even my Facebook account is friends, or at least acquaintances-only).

But slowly, I've come to let the world know that we are a one-cat household. I updated my profile on this blog, where it used to say we live in a bungalow "with two cats who hate each other" now it says "with a silly tabby cat" (yeah, they acted like they hated each other, but now that she's gone, he really seems to miss her; I suspect it was a one-way relationship).

Bracelet showing photo of Toulouse

Little things, like finding this outfit photo, remind me again. Memories of our Melly-girl will never go away, she'll always be a part of our family. And slowly, the reminders won't hurt.

What I'm wearing:
Black & grey knit dress, Coldwater Creek
Black long-sleeve knit top, Old Navy
Black elastic belt, NY & Company
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Red ankle boots, Kohls
Silver, black, rhinestone necklace, random accessory store
Silver earrings, random accessory store
Burgundy flower hair pin, random accessory store
Silver & pearl photo-charm bracelet

Melusine in 2004

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