Friday, December 30, 2011

A Few Non-Work Outfits

Tho, to be fair, I could wear these to work if I wanted. My office is really casual, & nobody cares what I wear. *I* care, of course, & while I don't consider these unworthy, they're not my "A game" CorpGoth outfits either. These are just cool stuff I like to wear, not necessarily professional enough to me.

Outfit #1 - Worn to Meet an Out-of-Town Friend:
Purple velvet jacket, gift from Lisa | Black T-shirt, Old Navy
Black knit skirt, Target | Burgundy & black stripe tights, We Love Colors | Silver medallion necklace, eBay | Silver cameo earrings, vintage | Black T-strap flats, Aldo

Is it weird to pair purple & burgundy? Maybe it looks stranger in the photos than in real life. I don't know. That's one of the things that makes this combo a little too out-there for work. Fine & funky fun for hanging out & socializing.

Outfit #2 - Worn to Go Shopping:
Black knit military-style jacket, Macy's | Black & white stripe T-shirt, Express | Black jeans, Levis | Black buckle boots, Aldo | Black & silver skull choker, DisneyLand | Silver filigree earrings, Target | Grey flower in hair, random accessory store

Super-casual outfit! Great for running around from store to store. I had originally planned to just go to Target with my husband to pick up some replacement stuff (our space heater in the computer studio died). But ... I ended up breaking my clothing diet. More about that in another post.

This is kind of my go-to errand-running outfit. Dressed-up jeans & a T-shirt. I'm getting a little bit better at making this not look like a teenager :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goth Maintenance

Every now & then, a gal needs to spend time on some upkeep. I try not to be high maintenance, but certain things must be done to keep me looking sharp. At a minimum, I must dye my hair & get my brows done. Now, I don't do either one on a very regular schedule -- I tend to put them off until they look awful & annoy me so much that the situation is dire or until I am attending some fabulous event (usually costume-related) for which brown roots/random greys & scraggly bushy browns would look lame.

And lo, 12th Night is coming up soon, for which I'm making an elaborate gown, plus a new hairpiece in jet black, so dyeing hair to match is important. Might as well fix the brows too!

I've been dyeing my own hair since I was at least 16 (that's over 25 years), so this is no big deal to me. But I've learned a few things thru trial & error & from the pros. The number one tip I've learned is to only dye your roots, don't dye any more than that or you'll get fried ends. This is why I was thrilled when Clairol came out with the "root touch-up" kit because it contains less dye than the full boxes, so you don't have to mix up a whole bottle & throw half of it away.

My other recommendation is to head to a beauty-supply store & buy a few tools for yourself. Get a tint brush, a few plastic caps (the ones like shower caps), some metal hair clips, & a box of rubber gloves. The tint brush & gloves will be better than the crappy versions that come in the dye box. And the clips & cap keep your in-process hair tidy while you're waiting.

I tried to get a photo of my roots, but none of the pix would turn out! See, my hair is naturally very dark brown, & most people have a hard time noticing when my black dye is growing out. My husband doesn't notice at all. But what's more obvious is the grey hairs. I don't have too many (sadly, no cool Dave Vanian streak!), just a few here & there that kind of stick out to me. If there was enough grey to make a statement, I'd leave it, but until that happens, I dye. Besides, I love the glossy look of fresh black!

While I'm perfectly happy to do my hair at home, I'm horrible about doing my brows at home. In fact, I didn't start doing anything about my brows until maybe 5 years ago. My eyebrows are naturally of the very full Brook Shields variety, so going with some kind of pencil-thin look is a bit wrong. Or at least would require insane amounts of maintenance. The best I can manage is an occasional trip to the Benefit Brow Bar, which I like because it's nearby, clean, & reasonably priced. Unfortunately, because it's at the mall, you have to time it right or there's a huge wait, plus you're never sure you'll get the best aesthetician.

Here's my brows before getting them done...

Au naturale. Pretty huge. Now, this time, my favorite aesthetician was not there, & the one I got didn't quite listen to me when I said "full, natural, just tidy the brows up & give a slight curve." Instead, she decimated the brows, which is what happens about a third of the time (meaning, whenever my fave gal isn't around *sigh*). Of course, they'll grow back fast.

Here they are afterwards...

Not bad, just not quite what I wanted. But hey, I can't / won't do them myself, so that's what happens! My hair, of course, looks great. Perfectly back in black.

What's your maintenance routine? Do you do it yourself or go with the pros?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Party Dress-Up Wrap-Up

The month of December is always filled with festive social events, which are great opportunities for dressing up. This year, my December had everything from a casual gathering of friends for pizza & board games to a holiday choral concert (preceded by dinner with my in-laws) to a fancy cocktail party/housewarming party. Not in that order! Here are some of the outfits I wore, tho' since all the events were in the evening, it was hard to get good pix in my dark little gothy abode...

The day after Thanksgiving, some friends held a swanky cocktail party to celebrate their new home. I wore a hot red dress by Stop Staring, a black fascinator with veil (made by a friend), & rhinestone jewelry.

To attend a dinner with my mother-in-law & her husband, followed by a choral concert where my father-in-law was performing holiday music, I wore a ruffled black dress from Newport News, stripey tights, & my ribbon-tie Clarks pumps.

Accessories included a vintage silver cameo necklace, pink & black earrings, & a pink & black flower in my hair.

Lastly was an informal 'do, just friends getting together for pizza & games. So I went stripey -- black knit dress from Target, pink & black cardigan from Macy's, & black & white stripe leggings from American Apparel. Plus a cool necklace I picked up years ago at Mont St. Michel in France.

Did you have some fun holiday parties to go to? What did you wear? Are there more coming up this week, like for New Year's Eve?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Office Outfit of 2011

Because this is the last day I went into the office, huzzah! I'm working from home Wednesday & Thursday (which will probably be a half-day), then our office is closed from Friday, December 23, thru January 2.

I have a couple not-exactly-outfit posts I want to write before the end of the year, & I might throw in some causal outfits. But no daily posting. I have a bunch of holiday events to attend & host, plus I will be madly sewing on my 12th Night gown, which I may post about over on my costume blog.

What I'm wearing:
Burgundy corduroy jacket with black vintage buttons added by me, Kohl's | Black & grey knit dress, Coldwater Creek | Black long-sleeve T-shirt, Old Navy | Black elastic belt, NY & Company | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Tall black boots, Clarks | Black, silver, & crystal bead necklace, random accessory store | Gunmetal hoop earrings, random accessory store | Black cocktail ring, random accessory store | Chanel Vamp lipstick

Schools usually get time off in winter, but what about all of you office folks? Do you have a holiday break from work? How will you be spending the time?

Disqus Amongst Yourselves

You may notice that I just updated commenting on this blog to use Disqus. Shout-out to Hexotica for finally pushing me over the edge when she switched. I've seen so many bloggers move to Disqus, & while I lovelovelove threaded commenting, I was worried that the tool would be difficult to install or screw up something on my blog. But I was encouraged when she added it to her blog, so I bit the bullet.

Installation went smoothly, & it appears that all the old comments have been imported too. So enjoy the new disqussions ;-)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Make Way for Multiples

(I really can't help myself when it comes to cheesy titles. This one is ripped from some terrible cable TV show that I haven't seen & hopefully you haven't either, but the words kinds work here ;-)

Sometimes, I buy the same exact clothing item in multiple colors. Usually, it's T-shirts, long-sleeve Ts, or camisoles from places such as Old Navy, the Gap, & Target. I'll get black, purple, red or burgundy, & whatever black/grey stripe is available. But this sweater may be the only non-T-type item I've bought in multiples. I have it in black & purple (seen here, here, here, here, & here). It wasn't very expensive, & I adored the Victorian-esque puffed sleeves, plus I figured I could wear it open like a cardigan or button closed as a top, so it was versatile.

There are probably more items I could have, should have bought in multiples. I always tend to buy one in black, but that's the goth trap. It's safe, easy, predictable, & a little boring. Having an alternate sweater, skirt, dress, or top in a non-black color gives more wardrobe options -- because, let's face it, you'll be wearing it with black since black + color is the most basic level of Gothic Color Theory. Adding a pattern or print to black + color makes the outfit even more exciting, & if you want to go totally crazy, you could add a second color. Options are fun!

Do you ever buy clothing in multiples? If so, what items?

What I'm wearing today:
Purple ruched-sleeve sweater, H&M
Black & white striped skirt, White House Black Market
Black & grey skull-print scarf, gift from my husband
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Purple velvet pumps, Rocket Dog
Black & white stripey bead earrings, Kohls
Black & gunmetal cocktail ring, Icing

Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Rain

This is Thursday's outfit, postponed till today because I realized I'd be out too late to post after work. It rained overnight on Wednesday, so my bus commute was damp, & I had to dodge raindrops to get these pix. Ah yeah, that's a California winter.

I dressed a little Christmas-y because our department at work went out for a holiday luncheon (& our last as a department together, due to a company reorg, foo).

What I'm wearing:
Red turtleneck sweater, unknown brand | Black & white paisley skirt with ruffle, made by Donna | Black studded belt, Macy's | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Red ankle boots, Aerosoles | Black & silver beaded necklace, Target | Square pewter earrings, made by a local artist | Silver & garnet ring, bought in India | Red lipstick, Sephora

Thursday, December 15, 2011

CorpGoth Xmas 2011

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to our holiday decorations. I like to put out essentially the same things year after year, with just small additions or changes to reflect my current mood or anything that's different in the house. But, to me & to my husband, part of the charm of the holidays is enjoying the traditions that connect us to family, childhood, & the past in general.

Most of our decorations have an old-fashioned, Victorian-esque feel with a gothic tinge. They're a mix of things from my mom & stuff I've made & collected since my husband & I moved in together a million, billion years ago.

Here's a look around the 2011 edition... Click on any image for a larger version, if you like.

Starting on the front porch, I pile up leftover tree branches around this metal lantern & add a few ribbons for a festive welcome. The wreath on the door is dried grapevine that I spray-painted gold & wrapped with burgundy wired ribbons scavenged from our wedding decorations (they were aisle bows).

Inside the front door, there's an archway between the dining room & living room where I've hung a long faux-greenery garland that I decorated with more of that formerly wedding-decor burgundy ribbon, plus I wired it with white fairy lights. A similar garland is over the dining room window (not shown).

I make up a different holiday centerpiece each year. This time, I used pinecones that I long-ago spray-painted gold, crystal candlesticks, & yes, more of those burgundy ribbons (nothing goes to waste around here ;-), all on a silver platter with some round red candles added. The tablecloth is black with poinsettias from April Cornell.

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..." Yep, we have stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle. Big burgundy velvet stockings with our names in silver.  Another garland decorates the mantle, along with velvet poinsettias & some glass ornaments.

Finally, the tree. We always get a Douglas fir, a real tree, because it smells divine, & it's the eco-friendly choice (they're farmed just like the lettuce or artichokes about 20 miles away from us -- one year, we went & chopped our own, but that was more trouble than it's worth!). See a photo of the gothic tree angel & find out how I made her on my Gothic Martha Stewart site.

I also have a silver menorah & a clay dreidel (the later I made), in honor of our Jewish family & friends. I'm an atheist, but I've always been a student of world religions (nearly switched my major to religious studies as an undergrad!). I like to show equal respect to both major the holidays of this time.

As I mentioned, the decorations are a real mix -- some childhood faves & some new additions, like this glass black cat bought in Salem, Massachusetts.

Old & new live next to each other. A blown egg hand-painted with Winnie-the-Pooh by my mom when I was a toddler & a delicate glass skull found far more recently.

Flashy embellished fabric shoe from Cost-Plus World Market as a sign of a fashionista holiday.

Psychedelic partridge in a pear tree, painted by my mom when I was a wee thing in the early '70s. This one kind of freaked me out when I was a kid (maybe because it doesn't have eyes?), but I've grown to love its weirdness.

And lastly, the tree lit in glowing red lights. I have strings of white lights & strings of purple lights, but this year, red seemed right. Such a warm, inviting glow...

Happy holidays, whatever you celebrate, if you do! No matter what, I hope you're surrounded by lots of pretty, shiny things this month.

(Note: I'm going out after work tonight to see the new Muppets movie with my husband & sister-in-law, so I'll probably be home too late to post today's outfit. Since I had this post prepped for tomorrow, I figured I'd just switch them up instead :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ask This CorpGoth - New Feature!

Please send a question!
Hello there, all my fabulous readers! In the upcoming year, I'd like to start a new feature on my blog, if you are interested. I'd like to write about common (& specific) issues that goths & other artsy, subculture, less-than-mainstream types have when it comes to fashion in the workplace. I have a few ideas, but I'd really love to answer your questions a la an advice column.

So I'm inviting you to start now & send your questions to me at

What can you ask? Just about anything even tangentially related to fashion & work!

For example ... What goths could wear (or shouldn't wear) on an interview. Recommendations for work-appropriate but steampunk-inspired winter coats. Are PVC, leather, fishnets, or lace ever appropriate at the office? Recommendations for classy skull-themed jewelry (that doesn't break the bank). What industries don't care about obvious tattoos & piercings & in what workplaces should you cover them up? How can I wear vintage clothes to work without looking too costumey? Recommendations for plus-size goth & artsy work attire. Tips for buying a classic black suit. Will stilettos, platforms, & buckle boots impact your chances of a promotion?  How can you keep black clothes dark, wash after wash? Decorating your office/cubicle/desk, CorpGoth style. What are some good, long-lasting black eyeliners? Is blue hair OK outside tech support jobs? How much of your non-work life can you share with your coworkers without negatively impacting your career? What's the best way to care for vintage clothes?

That's just my brainstorm -- let me know if any of it is appealing. But I want your ideas even more. So start emailing me or post your questions in the comments below!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How I Find Comfort at Night & Seek Joy in My Step by Day

I finally got my act together in time to participate in Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment, & December's is about comfort & joy. As she explains: "My assignment for you this month is to feature the ways that you, my darlings, take a well-needed TIME OUT. How do you unwind? What gets you through the holidays and exams? A bubble bath? Running five miles? A steaming bowl of chicken soup? Also, what kind of comfort clothes/accessories do you go to during this time of high stress? Do you have a favorite Woobie (sweater, scarf, blanket, etc.)? Please feature whatever it is that helps you feel well-needed COMFORT AND JOY during the season of "gimme gimme" and cranky shoppers at the mall. How do you infuse your life with the true meaning of the season -- peace, rest and reflection."

First, the comfort with a backstory ... I don't get too stressed out by the winter holiday season. I have tried & true systems for doing what needs to be done. My family & I have stripped down Xmas to what we love best -- a few gatherings to see all the people we care about (who are within about an hour's drive of each other), some good food (but nothing fancy or complicated), & a few handmade &/or charity gifts.

But what *does* stress me out is sleep! I have been an insomniac since childhood. Getting to sleep is often difficult, but sometimes sleeping thru the night is the problem. No matter what, when I don't get a full 8 to 9 hours of sleep, I am one CrankyTrystan the next day. I'm also no good at napping (when you have trouble falling asleep, napping is pointless), so I can't "catch up" on sleep in the afternoon.

Solitaire with Hampton Court Palace
in the background
Finding things that soothe my brain into sleep-mode has been a lifelong quest. One thing that always helps is having the radio on as I'm trying to fall asleep. I particularly love listening to NPR, my local station KQED, for the news & intelligent talk shows about science or the arts or local issues. It's calming & relaxing. I not only listen to the radio live, I download NPR show podcasts to my iPod, & this year I bought a new alarm clock with an iPod dock so I can listen to recorded shows (the ones I miss while I'm at work :-). Next, I'm considering getting one of these soft fleece sleep headphone headbands so I can easily listen to podcasts when I wake up in the middle of the night.

An more recent addition (or maybe, addiction!) has been playing Solitaire on my iPad. Tapping out a half-dozen games is mindless but not totally mindless, just distracting enough to tease my brain away from the hamster-wheel of thoughts that can keep me awake for hours. Combine this with NPR, & I may be fast asleep in a half hour! Weird, but true.

Toulouse on the couch, trying to avoid the camera
For the ultimate comfort, especially in the evening, I gotta turn to my kitties. OK, my husband is great, but the keetons are the super-cozy! Specifically, our boycat, the tabby Toulouse.  We've had our girlcat Melusine, a Maine Coon mix, longer, but she's a cranky old lady (heh, like me), & let's face it, she likes to cuddle with my husband most. While Tully is my baby boy & cuddles with his momma. Awwwwwww. Pity he's not a very photogenic cat -- he shies away whenever I try to take a pic.

For a little joy, I wore these fabulous black & pink shoes today. I always feel happier wearing pink, & these shoes specifically put a spring in my step, remembering when & where I bought them, plus knowing how fantastic they look (seriously, every time I wear them, *someone* compliments them!). I can peek down at my feet throughout the day for a pick-me-up.

What I'm wearing:
Black knit dress, Target | Grey & white waterfall hoodie cardigan, Forever 21 | Pink & black stripe scarf, Express | Grey herringbone tights, Calvin Klein | Black & pink pumps, Irregular Choice, bought in London on my 40th birthday | Large silver filigree earrings, random accessory store | Grey flower hair pin, random accessory store

Monday, December 12, 2011

Got That Vintage Feeling

And yet only the shoes are vintage, & probably just 1980s 'vintage,' which doesn't really count as vintage to me because I was fully alive, functional, & fashionable then. I only consider it 'vintage' if the era was before my time, but not 50 years before my time (then it's historical, because that's how I roll).

The dress is a modern pattern but it feels retro to me with its nipped in waist & little puffed sleeves. My dear friend Donna picked out the definitely retro '60 print fabric. I wouldn't have gone for this print on my own, but she has a great eye, & I adore the resulting dress. I wore it over the summer & when I received it last winter & maybe a few times unblogged in between.

What I'm wearing:
Pink & grey print dress, made by Donna
Black puff-sleeve sweater, H&M
Black elastic belt, NY & Company
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black two-strap pumps, Bandolino, vintage
Pink & copper shield pendant necklace, made by a local artist
Pearl & garnet earrings, bought at Costume-Con
Pearl stud earrings, gift from my step-father
Pink & black flower hair pin, Icing

Friday, December 9, 2011

CorpGoth Sort-of-Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Admittedly, I'm a bit of a planny-pants & tend to get my holiday gifting done within the first week after Thanksgiving. I do a little online shopping for my sweetie, then I craft gifts for the family. That's it, no crazy mall-shopping, no Black Friday madness, no piles of presents under the xmas tree. Just a modest assortment of treasures for our loved ones.

That said, I know certain people (ehem, like my own husband!) are quite the last-minute shoppers. So here are some suggestions that I find charming (& I wouldn't mind getting myself, they're that good). Note that I'm not big on giving plastic stuff (an ecological nightmare), & I also like things that have some vague hint of being practical. I also tried to keep this list somewhat gender-neutral & full of things that are $30 or less per item.

10 quirky & affordable holiday gifts for most anyone:

Redwork Tin, FabulousPants
Redwork Embroidered Tin by FabulousPants on Etsy, $15 -- One of the prettiest altered-Altoids-tins I've seen, this one is topped with redwork embroidery (this seller also makes ones in the more commonly seen blackwork). A lovely way to carry stuff in your purse or a make a sewing kit.

Alice in Wonderland Cloth Cocktail Napkins by Tartx on Etsy, $30 -- Fanciful set of six crisp white napkins printed in black with the classic illustrations from Lewis Carroll's books. Perfect for a party!

Cookie Cutters by Foose Cookie Cutters -- This company handcrafts over 700 designs of cookie cutters in a wide range of sizes, including nearly 50 awesome Halloween shapes (three different bats!). Buy bird shapes for your cousin the birder or hairdryer & hairbrush shapes for your hair stylist. Have fun creating an assortment for your favorite baker.

Every Litter Bit Counts Journal by Global Girlfriend, $20 -- These beautiful journals are handmade from nature's 'litter' -- they're decorated with the twigs & leaves & bark Balinese women find.

Cute Overload Calendar by, $12 -- 365 days of impossibly cute animal photos. OMG, need I say more? Redonkulous.

Kleen Kanteen from Greenfeet, $25 -- I love my Kleen Kanteen like crazy. This is the most eco-friendly, durable, & practical water bottle around. Comes in black, sleek stainless, & other colors. Also, Greenfeet has fantastic customer service, so buy the bottle from them.

Adopt-a-Bat from Bat Conservation International, $25 -- Support one of the few nonprofits dedicated to helping bats & preserving their habitats around the planet with a small donation. The recipient also gets a cute stuffed toy bat.

Skeleton Key Bottle Opener by Urban Outfitters, $12 -- Everyone needs another bottle opener around (in my opinion!), so why not one that looks like a key to a spooky old house?

Anne Taintor Emery Board Packs by Anne Taintor, $5 -- Useful & snarky, just what every girl needs in her purse.

Around the World in 12 Months Calendar by T&T's Real Travels (aka yours truly), $20 -- Yeah, pimping my own wares, but aren't the pictures pretty? I make this calendar for our family, & we sell it thru our CafePress shop. It showcases travel photos from this & past years.

Looking for more specifically gothy & spooky gift shopping? Check out the Gothic Charm School Holiday Gift Guide. I'll be wish-listing some of those things for myself for apres-xmas ;-)

Six holiday gifts you can make (no really, it's not that hard):

Because I'm a big fan of DIY gifts, next are a few projects that anyone with the bare minimum of crafting skills could whip up in an afternoon as a gift. I *big puffy heart* any hand-crafted gift I get, that means so much to me that someone took a little time & glued stuff together on my account, honest!

Coasters via Instructables -- Use travel or family photos or cutouts from old cards, magazines, calendars, or fancy paper. A nice way to keep drinks from messing up wood tabletops, & people need more coasters at parties.

Stamped Candles, Gothic Martha Stewart
Gardener's Hand Scrub via Northern Cottage -- A non-girly alternative to bath bombs & suchlike. Don't know any gardeners? It's still great for everyone with hands in need of soothing. Label it "Exfoliating Scrub" or "Rockstar Hand Scrub" or something clever & put it in nifty thrift-store jars.

Wine Glass Charms via Not Martha -- As she says, these are ridiculously easy to make, & you'll be aghast at how much stores charge for them. This tutorial uses simple beads, but I've gone crazy & added silver charms in spooky shapes. Do whatever fits your gift recipient.

Etched Glassware via Instructables -- Buy some thrift-store wine glasses or tumblers, get a pot of glass-etching creme, & go to town. You can design your own stencils (that adhesive, plastic-topped paper used to line kitchen drawers is ideal for making stencils) or buy ones at craft stores. I have a bat hole-punch that made stencils with to decorate goblets, & I used computer fonts to personalize a shotglass for a friend.

Stamp-Decorated Candles via Gothic Martha Stewart (aka yours truly) -- Ok, this does require one special (tho' not expensive) heat tool, but the effect is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Decorated Office Supplies via Goth It Yourself -- Bane's charmingly gothed-up desk set is a great example of how you could brighten a co-worker or friend's cubicle. Take ordinary cups, boxes, etc., & paint them in designs that would appeal to the recipient. You could also recycle items found at a thrift-store.

Don't overlook the value of regifting & swapping:

Regifting Done Right via Yahoo! Shine -- Sometimes a great gift is already sitting in your closet. There's no shame in regifting, just make sure you follow these wise rules.

Swap Till Ya Drop via Yahoo! Green -- Cut down on the craziness of holiday shopping by arranging with your family to have everyone buy one good gift & do a 'yankee swap' on the holiday. It can be cheaper & more fun for groups.

Happy holidays & don't put the shopping or crafting off too late :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bling to Remember

I'm wearing these necklaces as a reminder to myself that I really need to get sewing on my 12th Night gown. See, I plan to wear one or both of these silver & pearl necklaces with said gown -- but the gown is currently just a half-completed black silk bodice with some silver lace attached & in need of 80 million miles of silver braid to be sewn on (by hand), plus, of course, sleeves & a skirt, & more trim on those.

The finished gown (if/when I finish it!) will be worn at an SCA event where one of my very best friends will receive a Major Award, so this is definitely an occasion worth dressing up for.

A few years back, I bought these necklaces with the intention of wearing them with a 16th-century gown because they are kind of like ones seen in paintings. But I had yet to actually make a gown that they'd go with. Until now! So yeah, I better get crackin' because that event is January 7th.

What I'm wearing:
Black & grey striped sweater, Target
Black crochet trumpet skirt, Coldwater Creek
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black wedge mary-janes, Kenneth Cole Reaction, thrifted
Silver & pearl necklaces, Aldo Accessories
Gunmetal hoop earrings, random accessory store
Silver leather rose pin worn in hair, random accessory store
Revlon "Raisin Rage" lipstick

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Feeling all matchy-matchy yesterday, plus I needed something cozy & warm. Temperature dropped nearly to freezing overnight, & it was rather frosty out this morning.

Not sure about tying this scarf into a bow -- it looks rather 1980s-era Dianne Feinstein to me. Who, as a person, I admire, but she's not exactly a style icon. My mom used to wear those floppy bows with suits too during the '80s, it was so "I'm all business, but still a woman!" Not sure if it looks pretty or dowdy on me, tho' I do like how it breaks up all the purple.

What I'm wearing:
Plum sweater, April Cornell, gift from Lisa
Black T-shirt, Target
Plum crushed velvet skirt, NY & Company
Black & white gothic-print silk scarf, Target
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black tall boots, Clarks
Pewter square earrings, made by a local artist
Silver & garnet poison ring, eBay