Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disqus Amongst Yourselves

You may notice that I just updated commenting on this blog to use Disqus. Shout-out to Hexotica for finally pushing me over the edge when she switched. I've seen so many bloggers move to Disqus, & while I lovelovelove threaded commenting, I was worried that the tool would be difficult to install or screw up something on my blog. But I was encouraged when she added it to her blog, so I bit the bullet.

Installation went smoothly, & it appears that all the old comments have been imported too. So enjoy the new disqussions ;-)


  1. Unfortunately, Disqus cannot be installed to Wordpress.com blogs, only to self-hosted WP blogs. So I can't install it but I have an account nonetheless. :)

  2. Therese MÃ¥rtenssonDecember 20, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    Im glad that you say it works fine and that the old comments are still there :) I might change to this mod myself later. /Linnea-maria

  3. Ah, but WordPress already has threaded commenting (I use WP for my costume blog, bec. that was pre-installed with my webhosting package). Silly old Blogger has much less powerful or customizable commenting, foo.