Thursday, December 20, 2012

Interview Outfit Redux

For my last day in the office this year, I decided to wear my interview outfit for this new job. Especially since I didn't have time to blog it when I actually interviewed. I went for something not terribly goth, but definitely me. Also, comfortable, not fussy, & creative-professional. It must have been a winner since I got the position ;-)

What I'm wearing:
Pink print cardigan, Chadwicks | Grey sheath dress, Target | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black ribbon-tie pumps, Clarks | Silver filigree earrings, Target | Chanel 'Vamp' lipstick

I work from home tomorrow & then the company has a holiday shutdown between Christmas & New Years, so no more office outfits after this one. I may post some winter outfits, but I also have a bunch of non-CorpGoth projects to work on too (maybe I'll blog those at my costume site). Enjoy the non-apocalypse tomorrow, & have a great holiday if you're celebrating something!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mid-Month Status Report: Holidays at the Office

Today, my department at my new company had a holiday luncheon, so I dressed up a bit. We were walking down the street to the restaurant, so I wore practical shoes & a warm jacket (since it was rainy out), but still festive colors with gothy touches.

I also got a quick iPhone pic of some office decorations. The lobby has a big Christmas tree decked in the corporate colors of teal blue & silver with matching centerpieces on the tables & reception desk. Around the office, people have put up twinkly lights & garlands, & they've been bringing in homemade cookies & treats. Quite festive!

What I'm wearing:
Red knit dress with hi-lo hem, Macy's | Black & white stripe double-breasted knit jacket, Marshall's | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black patent square-toed pumps, thrifted | Black, rhinestone, & pearl choker, random accessory store | Pearl stud earrings, random accessory store

Here are some of your status reports that I saw this morning:
Please add more in the comments below -- you have until the end of Tuesday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stripes & Plaid for One Office Day

You might have noticed fewer daily outfit posts from me lately (or maybe not -- who's paying attention?). This is because I only go into the office at my new job once or twice a week, so yeah, not much to report on the CorpGoth front. I have some thinky posts brewing, but the holidays & an annoying earache are distracting me, so that might wait until the new year. For now, how about a little pattern mixing?

What I'm wearing:
Dark grey denim jacket with belled sleeves, Newport News | Black long-sleeve knit top, Old Navy | Black & white plaid circle skirt, H&M | Black & white stripe scarf, H&M | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black kitten-heel pumps, Aldo | Gunmetal hoop earrings, random accessory store

Don't forget, next Monday & Tuesday, your CorpGoth Mid-Month Status Reports are due! The topic is holidays in the office, so show us how you might dress for an office holiday party or even how your workplace decorates for the holidays. My department is having a holiday luncheon on Monday, so expect to see what I wore, plus the lobby Christmas tree, posted that night.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gothidays 5 - DIY Giftmas

To close up the Professor's theme, I thought I'd share some holiday tips. My immediate family decided some years ago that, instead of buying a ton of gifts for each other at Christmas, we would give handmade gifts &/or charitable gifts, & just one each or one per couple.

Now, we don't have any kids in this group, so maybe this wouldn't work for your family (I know I loved getting toys when I was little!). But there comes a time when adults just realize we don't need more stuff cluttering up our homes, & the holidays are made more stressful by spending so much money & running around buying things that people don't honestly need. And yet, it's still a great deal of fun to unwrap presents on Christmas morning & share some little surprise with those you care about. We can get that same experience by making something & donating to favorite causes.

Of course, this does add the complication of "what to make?" (Charities are pretty easy to select & give to.) Our family is kind of creative, & my mom, in particular, pulls out all the stops, so we've had a wide range of crafty, homemade goodies.

The old standby that everyone loves are food gifts. It's hard to go wrong there -- breads (sweet or savory), cookies, candies, seasoned nuts, granola, infused cooking oils, sauces, you name it! Even better is when someone includes the recipe or suggestions on how to cook with an ingredient, in the case of oils, sauces, etc.

Food "kits" are popular & fun to receive too: You assemble all the non-perishable ingredients for a dish & print out the recipe, then put it all together in a basket, bowl, or maybe a pot. This is easy to do with bean soups, hot chocolate, cookies, & breads, anything where the recipient of the gift only has to add one or two more ingredients, like water, milk, or an egg.

Finally, here are instructions for crafted things similar to gifts I've given in the past. I tend to gravitate towards sewing projects, because that's easy for me, but I only do ones that are fast straight-stitching. And none of these projects require special tools, & they don't cost much in the way of materials. Set aside an afternoon, get crafty, & have fun!

You can always goth-ify these gifts by choosing dark colors for the materials, adding bats or skulls, & such, as appropriate to the recipient. For example, the sachets are great made in Halloween cottons, & last year, I made the heating pads with faux-fur covers so they were wonderfully luxurious.

More DIY gift ideas from Offbeat Home, make sure to read the comments too!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gothidays 4 - Sentimental Favorites

More from the Professor's theme...

While I do goth-up most of my holiday decor, some things must remain the same as when I was a kid. Certain traditions, a few foods, but mostly, the special ornaments. I treasure my small collection of Christmas tree decorations made by my mom when I was little, way back in the early 1970s. She gave them to me when I moved out after college. Here are a couple faves...

A Winnie-the-Pooh decal Mom added to a blown egg. So fragile!
All the other egg ornaments she made have broken.

Totally psychedelic partridge in a pear tree.
I didn't even understand what this one was as a kid.

Slightly multicultural Santa Claus. It's because the wood was a dark color,
but, as a kid, I figured this was just our hip Santa.

Do you have sentimental favorite holiday decorations? Share the memories in the comments.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gothidays 3 - Decking the Halls

And the Professor's challenge marches on!

Every year, I debate with myself about whether or not I'll hang the garlands. It's a hassle to do so -- they always come out of the box tangled, it takes an hour or so to fluff them back into shape, I have to get up on a step ladder to hang them, & they shed little bits of noxious plastic everywhere for me to hurriedly sweep up before the cats eat it.

But the effect is SO pretty, I can't deny it. That's why I almost always do it, unless I'm absolutely, entirely pressed for time. Everyone who comes into the house compliments me on them, even tho' they're the same garlands I've had for 10 years now. Just plain old plastic greenery that I wrapped in with purple or white mini-lights, burgundy wired ribbon & silver wired ribbon (both rescued from our wedding decorations), & silver star-wrapped wire. Seriously not rocket science when it comes to crafting. But great results.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Look for an Old Fave

An old favorite outfit is required on rough mornings -- the days when you wake up on the bad side of the bed due to insomnia or other problems, but you have to force yourself into the office anyway. The dress I'm wearing is much loved & made for me by a dear friend.

I've blogged it before (here, here, here, & here), but I realized that this styling of the dress makes it look more like a skirt, so it feels less repeat-y.

What I'm wearing:
Black, grey, & white print dress, made by Donna | Black camisole, Old Navy | Black wool ruffled bolero, Kohl's | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black T-strap wedges, Kenneth Cole | Silver filigree earrings, random accessory store | Black & silver skull bead choker, Disneyland | Grey flower hair pin, random accessory store

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gothidays 2 - the Angel

Continuing with the Professor's holiday theme ... While we haven't gotten an Xmas tree yet, I know what will top it. About a dozen years ago, I made this gothic angel to top our tree, & here are some photos from past holidays.

I wrote up the instructions for how to make her for my Gothic Martha Stewart site -- you can easily make your own! The materials are inexpensive, & by using different scraps of fabric & trims, you can customize the angel to fit your decor.

If you have a tree at the holidays, what do you top it with? Is there a story behind the tree-topper? Share in the comments!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gothidays 1 - the Gargoyle

The Professor has a holiday challenge this year: "Show us how you celebrate or don't celebrate the holidays. Do you completely 'goth-ify' the season or do you opt for a more traditional holiday? Show us what you celebrate and how you celebrate it."

I love this idea! However, I rarely get my holiday decorations up this early in the season -- too busy &/or lazy. I've never been one of those people who decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I'm lucky to have everything decorated the week before the holiday! But oh yes, I do mix up a liberal dose of Halloween style with Christmas, always have, so this week, I'll share some pix of years past...

This gargoyle watches over our living room year-round.
At the holidays, he gets a Santa cap & watches over the stockings. With care.
Just a little example of how my everyday gothic decor gets a touch of Christmas sprinkled around. Do you add holiday touches to things that are always in your house?

Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme: Maxi Skirts

December's theme from Sophistique Noir is maxi skirts! I really do love this theme, even tho' it's troublesome for me. I adore the look of long, sleek maxis, but since I'm only 5'2", it can be hard to find maxi skirts that fit me correctly. Most of them are too long & drag on the ground -- no good. And it's a known fact that I hate hemming (yes, even tho' I can & do sew entire historical costumes :-). I've had to hunt around for petite-sized maxi skirts, which means I only own a couple, & I wear them a ton, all year round.

What I'm wearing:
Black & red stripe knit tank maxi dress, Target
Black ruched-sleeve cardigan, H&M
Black studded belt, Macys
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black patent square-toed pumps, unknown brand, thrifted

Had to grab a quick snap while my husband & I were out seeing a friend's play, & I didn't get a chance to post until late in the weekend!