Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme: Maxi Skirts

December's theme from Sophistique Noir is maxi skirts! I really do love this theme, even tho' it's troublesome for me. I adore the look of long, sleek maxis, but since I'm only 5'2", it can be hard to find maxi skirts that fit me correctly. Most of them are too long & drag on the ground -- no good. And it's a known fact that I hate hemming (yes, even tho' I can & do sew entire historical costumes :-). I've had to hunt around for petite-sized maxi skirts, which means I only own a couple, & I wear them a ton, all year round.

What I'm wearing:
Black & red stripe knit tank maxi dress, Target
Black ruched-sleeve cardigan, H&M
Black studded belt, Macys
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black patent square-toed pumps, unknown brand, thrifted

Had to grab a quick snap while my husband & I were out seeing a friend's play, & I didn't get a chance to post until late in the weekend!


  1. Beautiful maxi dress, and red and black stripes to boot! You made me laugh about the hemming ... I'd rather make a complete new outfit than have to alter something. Yuck. :o)

  2. I know! There's just something about those stupid hems that irritate me. Sew a full gown? Sure. Take up a readymade skirt or pant hem? No way.

  3. I try to find a skirt from the juniors section which is low-rise, then buy a size smaller so I can wear it up at my waist - the hem hits just about right that way.

  4. You are too funny. Well, we all have our priorities, and I could see how constant hemming could cut into time that could be better spent on grander projects! Yay for year-round maxi skirts! :)