Monday, June 27, 2011

No Earrings

I can't believe I totally forgot to wear earrings today. I nearly forgot my bracelet & rings (even my wedding & engagement rings!). Somehow, I stopped with jewelry after I put on a necklace. Weird.

What I'm wearing:
Black, white, & grey retro print duro dress, made by Donna of Original Sin Designs
Black camisole, Old Navy
Black footless tights, Target
Black beaded sandals, Mootsies Tootsies
Chunky silver bead necklace, Target
Black roses ring, Icing


  1. Oooo the dress is nice...did you keep touching your ears all day because they felt weird?

  2. I love rings and earrings. In my "looks" I pay small tributes to musicians, usually dead ones. One musician that I am fond of wore small hoop earings quite a lot. So I happened to find a pair lying around in the house, and ever since, I never take them off. The only other pair I will wear would be the rainbow earrings for GLBT pride month, and a pair of nickle + fake black jewel earrings (I'm allergic to nickle, so I hardly wear those!)

  3. I always forget my jewelry -- when I'm doing artsy stuff in the house, I sometimes have my hands in everything from dough to bleach so I don't even wear my wedding ring for that. So I have to do a quick mental inventory in the morning when I'm this a house day or a run errands, do sociable things day? And even then, my errand days and house days get mixed up. I do wonder what people at the grocery or the library think because they see me with the ring off and on -- I like to imagine that they must think I'm intermittently married!

  4. LovleAnjel - YES! My ears felt naked.

    Tenebris In Lux - Lovely how certain jewelry has meaning. Most of my rings have special meanings (not just wedding/engagement rings), but I don't tend to mention those ones in my 'what I'm wearing' for some reason.

    lazysubculturalgirl - Yeah, if I'm at home, I tend not to wear much jewelry. But I put on at least my basics when I leave the house, & empty earring holes weird me out for some reason!

  5. Even without earrings, you look smashing! Love the footless tights.

  6. Sal - Thanks! Footless tights are a nice option for days/outfits when leggings would feel too heavy.

  7. That is one great dress. I hate it when I forget jewelry, it puts a little kink in my whole day. Weird how that can affect us, huh? The worst is if I forget my rings. Then every time I type it looks odd. LOL