Thursday, July 26, 2012

Start Your Halloween Shopping Now

American stores & websites are starting to stock Halloween goodies, & the early Goth gets the good stuff. Note: I'm not talking about fuzzy spiders, glow-in-the-dark skeletons, or foam tombstones. Sure, if you plan to throw a Halloween party, you can buy that stuff too. But it's everywhere & will continue to be in every store up until October 30th. What I'm interested in is classy Halloween home decor, the well-made items that are worth using year-round, & yes, the pricy goods. These things are harder to find & sell out quickly. But they can be fantastic additions to a high-style darkly elegant home!

Pottery Barn plates
Here are a few things I'm lusting after (links are provided for information only, I don't make money off them, nor do I guarantee anything about these businesses):

Williams-Sonoma Printed Halloween kitchen towels, $19.95 -- Subtly spooky print featuring bats & spiderwebs among gnarled tree branches. A little expensive for just a set of two, but oh so lovely. There's also coordinating napkins & table runner.

Williams-Sonoma Cauldron serving bowl, $69.96 -- Omg, I love this! 10.5-quart capacity, microwave & dishwasher safe, this black stoneware cauldron would get a lot of use in my house (& at SCA events), thus justifying the price. Totally on my wishlist. Check out the set of four cauldron mugs too.

Pottery Barn Bone pillar candleholders, $34.50-$49.50 -- These are super sexy! Choose from an 18.5" or 23" high candleholder that resembles a jointed bone, cast in matte black iron. Sold only online or via catalog.

Pottery Barn Ace of skulls appetizer plates, $35.50 -- I admit, I'm a sucker for appetizer plates (maybe because I love appetizers?), & Williams-Sonoma also has vintage-y Halloween ones this year. Pottery Barn has another style that's great, but this clever take on playing cards with a skull, bat, owl, & spider wins me over. Internet/catalog only.
Z Gallerie candelabra

Z Gallerie Skull clock, $34.95 -- Z Gallerie seems to have skull things in the store year-round, but it's worth noting a few of my faves. Like this gorgeous faux aged-oak skull with a clock embedded inside. Perfect for the library. (The rhinestone-encrusted skull is better for the dancefloor ;-)

Z Gallerie Phantom candelabra, $39.95 -- Looks like an antique from a haunted mansion, but is made of chic black resin. Best of both worlds & more affordable (& easier to find) than antiques.

Another excellent place to look is Target, altho' the brick-&-mortar stores have a better selection than online. Target often has lovely, gothic dinnerware &/or barware, plus kitchen, bath, & table linens festooned with non-cutesy skulls, bats, & the like. The linens can be found in the kitchen & bath areas of the store, usually in aisle end-caps, while the rest of the items will be in the seasonal goods section. Look for all of these goods to start being stocked in August, as Target switches over from summer patio & garden items to fall & Halloween items.

Are you finding any elegant & lovely Halloween goodies yet? Where are your favorite places to shop for spooky decor? Share your tips!


  1. I used to work in a year-round Christmas store (for 11 years) and we always got in the most cool Hallowe'en stuff!


  2. Love all your choices Trystan. I just wish they had things like that in Australian stores. I can always buy them off the internet though thankfully.

  3. Love all your choices Trystan. I just wish they had things like that in Australian stores. I can always buy them off the internet though thankfully

  4. The Halloween stuff is already going up in Michaels, yay!

    One caveat -- Target does have nice Halloween things, but generally not until after Labor Day around here because their seasonal section is taken up with school supplies until then. Right after the beginning of school in your area is when you should traipse to Target for Halloween goodies.

  5. Another name that comes to mind is John Derian, some awesome decoupaged images.

  6. Crate & Barrel has awesome Halloween stuff. In November it goes to the outlet part of the site and is much cheaper.