Thursday, May 30, 2013

CorpGoth Guide to Black Eyeliners

Black eyeliner is a staple of every goth's makeup arsenal, & for CorpGoths it's crucial to have a reliable black eyeliner that stays put for a full workday. I've tried dozens upon dozens of eyeliners over the years, & while I don't know that I've found the One True Black Eyeliner, I have my favorites.

Last year, I had an eye infection that the doctor thought was pink eye, so I threw out all my old eyeliners & mascaras & decided to replace them (turned out to be a totally different problem & I didn't need to dispose of the makeup, but oh well). Fashion mags often advise to replace your eye makeup every 6 months, but I've never done that. I simply replace it when I use it up or if anything smells funny or the consistency changes. That seems like a better indicator of product usability (not to mention, more affordable).

The first black eyeliner I ever loved was Wet 'n Wild, & I used it for about two decades with success. The hard waxiness keeps it from smudging, & it's really difficult to beat that drugstore price. But as I got older, the hardness of the pencil became a drawback on the increasingly delicate skin around my eyes. Don't want to develop crow's feet.

I then messed around with many eyeliners, of both drugstore and department store variety before settling down with Benefit's BadGal Eyeliner. It has been my workday black liner for years now. This one is waterproof (mostly) & just soft enough for a smooth line. I hardly ever use the smudging sponge tip on the opposite side tho'.

While I like BadGal for daytime, I want something more dramatic for evening looks -- a liquid liner or, because I'm a bit inept, a felt-tip liquid liner. I'd been using some Sephora varieties, which were OK, but not great. So I headed back to the big ol' makeup store for advice.

One of the salesperson's first recommendations for a great waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof eyeliner was the Nars Stylo felt-tip liner. Wow, this is a winner! It goes on very wet & takes an extra few seconds to dry (close your eyes & wait, it's worth it), then it does.not.move all day. You could probably draw curliques on your face a la Sandman's Death, run through lawn sprinklers, & this stuff wouldn't come off (not that I've tried that). You must use a makeup remover, but a gentle one is fine, & only then does this liner come off. Wow. This is now my evening, special effects, or long-day eyeliner.

Between Benefit's BadGal & Nars Stylo, I don't think you'll go wrong. One soft daytime liner, one liquid-style anything-goes liner, both in classic black. Btw, these are not advertisements & I don't receive anything from these companies -- I'm just sharing my experiences. I'd love to hear yours!

What's your favorite black eyeliner?

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