Friday, June 7, 2013

Red & Black Week: 18th Century Redingote

Finally, my piece de la resistance for Red & Black Week, my stripey redingote. Properly, a redingote is an 18th-century French woman's gown based on an English man's riding habit. I made this one in a not perfectly historical fashion, but took liberties in the cut & materials to suit my gothic aesthetic.

I found this black & red striped rayon fabric in the L.A. garment district at least 5 years ago & have been plotting something like this costume for quite a while. It's very loosely based on period fashion plates that show this style of single-breasted button-front bodice with a broad collar & buttoned cuffs. I designed the collar & cuffs with a batwing shape in black velvet hand-edged in black silk.

Ideally, I'd be wearing a large, tall hat too, but since this outfit was first worn on my recent France trip, I couldn't make it in time nor carry another item with me!

What I'm wearing (all made by me except where noted):
Black & red striped redingote with velvet collar & cuffs & vintage velvet buttons
Black silk fichu
Black silk petticoat
White satin under-petticoat
White twill bum pad
Black corset, made by Sarah
White cotton shift
Black stockings, Target
Black buckled shoes, Fugawee
"Hedgehog" style hairpiece
Jet earrings, random accessory store
Gunmetal & jet ring, random accessory store
Faux ruby ring, gift from Sarah
Black lace fan, eBayBlack velvet mouche (beauty patch)
Red lipstick, Sephora

More about how I made this outfit on my costume website here.

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