Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dinner With the Family

One of the most common side effects of chemo (other than hair loss) is changes to the taste buds. It can be mild or make everything taste like cardboard. I've been lucky in that I've mostly had a sensation of burnt tongue, like when you drink too-hot coffee, so everything tastes off or a little more dull. Some things taste distinctly weird, like citrus tastes bitter. Luckily, the one thing that tastes normal is my favorite milk chocolate, so yeah, I've indulged some!

Recently, I went out to dinner at an Afghani restaurant with my parents & some old family friends (& this is what I wore). The food was great! I could taste everything pretty well -- something about those favors were just right even to my burnt tongue. So nice.

The bad tastes have usually gone away just before the next chemo infusion. And my last one will be on Halloween -- so I'm *really* looking forward to Thanksgiving this year & being able to really taste all of my mom's great cooking!

What I'm Wearing:
White & black pinstripe jacket, Macy's
Purple T-shirt, Target
Black corduroy skirt, H&M
Black & white kitty-print wedge sneakers, PlasticLand
Black socks, unknown brand
Silver book locket necklace, random accessory store
Gunmetal dangly skull earrings, Walgreens
Sparkly skull stud earrings, random accessory store
Black & white beaded cuff bracelet, bought in Kauai

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