Thursday, January 30, 2014

You Call This Winter?

California is officially in a drought year. We haven't had any of the usual winter rainfall, & summer is going to be bone dry. This winter has been, well, not very wintery, even by our standards. Back in early December, there was a week or two of genuinely cold weather -- below freezing over night. But mostly, it's been mild & dry. Hardly sweater weather, barely boot time.

Between the lack of a proper season & the fact that I'm only going into the office once or twice a week right now, a whole lot of my wardrobe is languishing unworn. Hardly a crisis compared to the drought itself, but still.

What I'm wearing:
Grey & white stripe hooded sweater, Forever 21 | Black T-shirt, Target | Burgundy patterned corduroy skirt, Kohl's | Black leather studded belt, Macy's | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black high-heeled ankle boots, Aerosoles | Gunmetal hoop earrings, random accessory store | Black & white millefiori necklace, gift from Mom

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