Monday, June 9, 2014

Five Things a CorpGoth Should Keep in the Desk

You spend a lot of time at your office, so you're going to need a few things, little backups, necessities, just-in-case items that will make life easier. Here's my list of must-haves for every CorpGoth to stash in a desk drawer for emergencies & everyday problems:

Lint roller -- We're goths, we have cats. Even if they're dark-furred cats, it shows up on our clothes. And inevitably, the one morning you're too busy to do a lint-brushing as you leave the house, that's the day you have a big meeting with your boss. Slip a travel-size lint roller in you desk drawer, & you'll never be caught unawares (if you have multiple cats or a dog, keep a normal-size lint brush at work!).

Black eyeliner &/or dark lipstick -- For the harried mornings when you don't have time for makeup or the long workdays when your makeup fades & you can't find anything in your purse. Keep a little something basic in your desk to freshen up.

Band-aids or moleskin -- For foot blisters. You know you're going to wear impractical shoes to work at some point, admit it. They're so cool! But they're not broken in yet, & man, are they killing you. Stock some bandages or moleskin to pad your heels & toes until you get home.

Safety pins & a small sewing kit -- For the blouse that didn't seem quite so revealing at home or the hem that ripped out on the subway. Especially if you wear vintage garments to work, but even new clothes can have a loose button fall off at inopportune moments.

Ear buds -- Tiny earphones are ideal for most any office. You can listen to music or podcasts or simply block out the phone calls from the next cubicle. Sometimes, wearing ear buds is a good sign that you don't want to be bothered.

More ideas from Corporette on what to keep at your desk, plus toiletries to keep at your desk.

What do you find essential to keep in your desk? Anything you'd add or subtract from my list?

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