Monday, August 1, 2011

Look, it's a hat!

But I can't take full credit for this one -- this topper was a gift from my friend Ghislaine, who knew I love skulls & such things. Yep, that's a real vole skull on the topper. I was a little tempted to take it off & put it on a smaller hat so it looks bigger & more menacing. But not a really teeny hat. As some of my friends know, I have a rule: Your hat must be bigger than my fist or I will punch you.

Instead, I added a bunch of feathers to go with the skull. What do you think? Should it stay on this hat as-is or move?

What I'm wearing:
Black top hat with vole skull & checkered ribbon, all feathers added by me
Black tone-on-tone stripe coatdress, Kambriel
Black T-shirt, Old Navy
Black & white stripe walking skirt, River City Trading Company
Black & pink stripe tights, We Love Colors
Black ribbon-tie pumps, Clarks
Black & pink Victorianesque earrings, random accessory store
Pink crystal brooch, vintage, from my grandmother

Unfortunately, none of the full-length photos of the outfit turned out, so you only get hat shots. Ah well, that's the important bit, because this was a hat-themed post as part of Sophisticate Noir's August theme of Hats/Fascinators.

I wore this outfit on Friday at Costume College, which wasn't in August, but I knew I'd be on the road (literally -- driving from L.A. to San Jose) on August 1. So I prepped the post & auto-scheduled it to run. That's how much I liked this theme! Thanks, VictorianKitty!


  1. This hat is exquisite!! I love the little skull on it. He looks right at home with his black and white accoutrements. And oooooh, that coatdress... Yummy!!

    ROFL - I love your policy regarding hat size. ;)

    PS: I took the liberty of adding your post to Mr. Linky, since I noticed you had scheduled the post to launch automatically today. I'm so glad you enjoyed the theme!

  2. Your tiny hat rule would make a great t-shirt.
    Love the skull.

  3. First order of business -- I LOVE the hat! The skull makes it fabulous. Secondly -- I love your rule. As I was reading your post I just about snarfed coffee out of my nose because this was unexpected and brilliant:

    "I have a rule: Your hat must be bigger than my fist or I will punch you."

    Well done on all accounts!

    Hugs from NYC!

  4. Great hat, and awesome coat!

    Also, I second Mary's rating of your rule, and am glad I won't be punched today!

    Look forward to reading more!

  5. That hat is too much for words. I vibrate with jealousy.

  6. Thanks all! I had fun adding to this hat & hope I have more occasions to wear it.

    And as for my "rule," well, as a hat connoisseur & something of a milliner myself, those teeny little dolly hats really do irritate me. They're not proper hats, people! Small hats, sure, ok, just get the proportion right. Itty bitty doll-size hats, no, not on a human head, ever. /crotchety old-school goth.