Thursday, May 24, 2012

Repeat Policy

Worn Monday, without shirt
underneath or boots
I haven't blogged my outfits this week for a couple reasons, mostly boiling down to lack of time. In the morning, I've been waking up late due to health reasons, so I've hastily thrown on simple dresses. In the evenings, when I usually assemble blog posts, I've had a bunch of tasks to work on for upcoming costume events. So fashion blogging has been squeezed to lowest priority this week, sadly.

And when I wear repeat outfits, I just don't feel like blogging them. It's boring for me & probably for you! Sure, I repeat items & parts of combinations here, but I try not to blog the exact same outfit (& if I've done it, that's accidental). But I certainly do wear the same stuff over & over again. I'm not that sartorially creative on a daily basis, & I just don't have that much time to put into it.

Worn Thursday without belt,
with a cropped jacket & different
pumps & jewelry (but same hair)
My favorite repeats are to wear a comfy dress & cardigan, then add some favorite accessories. That's mostly what I've done this week. I have a bunch of empire-waist dresses that are easy to throw on & spiff up in a hurry. Just dresses 'n stuff.

Coming up is a three-day holiday weekend here in the states, which I'll be using to sew, sew, sew on my costumes. While the following work week will be short, I'll try to blog those couple of work outfits.

After that is Sophistique Noir's second-annual Red & Black Week, which I'm really looking forward to! Right before she announced it, I'd bought a couple new red items & was about to wear them. But I've carefully saved them to premiere during the first week in June. Hope some of you will join me in the theme!

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  1. I'm so glad you have plans for Red & Black Week! Can't wait to see your new pieces.