Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kitties (also Shoes)

Who doesn't like cats? Don't answer that, because I don't want to know you if you don't like cats! Sure, I can be friends with dog people, & I have even loved a dog or two in my lifetime. But really, cats are where it's at. I've almost always had a cat in the house, wherever I've lived, most of my life. It's just better that way. I claim that I was raised by hippies & cats in a silicon wilderness.

So of course I had to get this cat-print skirt. Also, it's edged with perhaps my favorite color: pink! Can't get much better. Well, you could go check out the new Pompadour 18th-century style shoes, available for pre-order from American Duchess. They come in black or ivory silk & have a gorgeous Louie heel & pretty pointy toe. While the black ones would be a perfect compliment to any goth outfit, I'd like to get some in ivory & dye them purple. Or hot pink!

What I'm wearing:
Black knit top with bow at neck, Target
Black, white, & pink cat-print skirt, Flirt on Etsy
Dark grey denim blazer with belled sleeves, Newport News
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black round-toe pumps, Target
Pink filigree earrings, Etsy
Pink & black flower in hair, random accessory store
Black rose cocktail ring, random accessory store


  1. SACRAMENTO AmateMay 17, 2012 at 6:46 AM

    Wonderful print. Love your blog and style. Following and adding you to my blogroll

  2. That print is AMAZING. I am definitely a cat person who was raised by bigger cat people- for a large part of the time I lived with my parents I shared my home with 10 cats. Also, that rosette in your hair is lovely.

  3. 10 cats, how amazing! I tell my husband we need to get a bigger house so we can have more cats -- our two cats hate each other, so there isn't enough rom for them now, alas.

  4. You look so gorgeous in this outfit! I love your hairstyle, hair up is suiting you. That cat print is so lovely, it have wonderful details in it. I'm also a cat person and have cats almost my whole adult life. But my boyfriend is an allergic cat lover so I think I can persuade him to consider a hairless cat :)

  5. Thanks! Poor boy, being allergic - hope you find a good compromise ;-)