Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Professor's Homework Assignment: Spring

What does "Spring" mean to me? That's actually a tough one, because I'm not much in tune with the natural seasons. I don't garden (I have a totally black thumb -- plants come to my house to die!), I don't eat with the seasons (frozen Lean Cuisines are a mainstay), & I only barely have to dress for the seasons since I live in temperate Northern California (snow is something we drive 4 hours to visit). So Spring as a time of year simply means that it's light when I finish my workday, & the rains are less likely.

But the calendar *does* effect my projects -- because from April through October, that is, the dry-weather times, it's costume-event season for me! About two weekends most months, I have some kind of historical reenactment event to attend, often a Society for Creative Anachronism tourney or renaissance faire but sometimes an 18th-century picnic or party. They all require complete historical costumes that I make or assemble for myself, from shoes to undergarments to gowns to wigs.

During the winter, I plan out what events I'm going to in the upcoming year and decide if I need new outfits or can repair/revamp old ones. I look through my fabric stash and make any purchases to fill gaps. By the time spring rolls around, I'm ready to rock 'n roll in the sewing room!

That's where I am right now, deep in Project Land. Spring means getting a jump on the year's costume to-do list, and this year's list is BIG. I'm essentially making a new 18th-century wardrobe for both myself and my husband because we have a big event coming up in May. I've drafted patterns, purchased materials and accessories, gotten help draping one gown, and even farmed out the sewing of a few items to a friend. My current progress is documented on my costume blog here. The deadline is May 1. Wish me luck!

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