Monday, July 29, 2013

Tips & Toes

Since I'm not going into the office right now, I'm not dressing up much. I'm sticking to comfortable, casual clothes while I recuperate from surgery and generally sit around the house, napping, watching movies, and poking at the interwebs.  Recovery continues just fine -- follow-up doctor appointments show that everything is healing as it should, I'm just sore (to be expected), & because the area of the surgery is right under my armpit, it's a little tricky to wear certain clothes (and bras, ouch). But I'm still wearing black, of course!

The only thing fancy I've done these days has been for my fingers & toes. Especially my toes, it seems...

These grey canvas skull-print shoes from Target are perfect to slip on when I need to go to those doctors' appointments. I even had a lab technician compliment me on them.

A few days before surgery, one of my BFFs & I went to get mani-pedis. She found a place that does "rockstar" pedicures -- they literally cover your toenails in glitter! Because, aw yeah, I need the sparkle. Now my toes look like a disco ball crashed into them.

I went for a more classically goth manicure in a rich, dark wine color. It's a gel manicure, which I hope lasts as long as advertised. I suck at painting my own nails (fingers or toes), so it's a real treat to get them done professionally.

Do you ever get manicures or pedicures? Do you paint your nails at home? What's your favorite polish?

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