Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maximum Repeat

I thought I'd worn this outfit before, I it's almost the same as one last summer. Just different accessories. I try not to blog repeat outfits, but it *has* been a year, & besides, I really like this one!

Also, I'm stockpiling posts for when I'm not going into the office due to surgery 'n stuff -- so when you're reading this, it was something I wore to work a week ago. But still appropriate because the weather is definitely warm.

Do you repeat the exact same outfits to work? How often?

What I'm wearing:
Black jacket with piping, Speigel | Black T-shirt, Old Navy | Black & grey pinstripe knit maxi skirt, Nordstrom | Black buckled wedges, Kohl's | Black wood bead necklace, bought in Jamaica | Silver beaded hoop earrings, bought at a convention | Red flower hair pin, random accessory store

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