Monday, September 23, 2013

And There It Goes

In my last post, I said my hair was going. Well, I didn't lie. That short cut was merely a stop-gap measure, a way to preserve the long ponytails for later, at best. Hair was falling out like crazy, shedding like a long-haired dog in summer, making a mess & just generally being annoying.

So I had to shave it off. Or, to be more accurate, I asked my dear husband to shave it off, since I couldn't reach everywhere, plus I'd have had to do it without my glasses on & that way lies madness. He was very brave & did an excellent job. Now my head is all velvety stubble, which the cat enjoys rubbing his little face against.

I've also been wearing my wig out & about. It feels fine, as comfortable as wearing a wig over hair (tho' different, kind of prickly at first, then it's pleasantly cooler than wigs used to feel). However, I should remember to do my brows because the wig's black hair is even darker than my natural black hair. That is, while I still have brows!

Since I'm not working & am on disability, I've revived my virtual garage sale & added some things I made & others made specifically to sell, plus I tried to get better pictures of some older items. Just doing this in the few days I had when I felt OK, & I'll only be able to ship once a week. But please take a look & I hope you'll find something you like! Or you can always donate a little something via the button on the left sidebar. I really appreciate your support :)

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