Monday, November 29, 2010

Black & White & Red All Over

Well, just a teeny touch of red. The best part is the awesome red manicure that I did on Sunday afternoon at my pal Sarah's (of Yet Another Blog About Fashion) house. She's really into nail polish & has a great collection of colors, so I took advantage, while we drank wine & watched silly British comedies. Good times!

What I'm wearing:
Black sweater with ruched shoulders, H&M
Black & white plaid dirndl skirt, H&M
Black studded belt, Macy's
Black tights, unknown brand*
Black T-strap pumps, Aldo
Black & white flower hair pin, random accessory store
Black glass bead necklace with a red & black glass heart handmade in Venice by an artisan as I watched, necklace assembled by me
Black & white bead earrings, random accessory store
Pearl stud earrings, gift from my stepdad
Red lipstick, Sephora

Winter is finally hitting NorCal, in so much as we have winter. This morning's photoshoot was freakin' cold! But I didn't want to wear a coat because that would cover up my outfit. The things I do for fashion...

*This is the last pair of plain ol' black tights -- I cleaned out my tights drawer of all the ratty, cheapo tights in anticipation of being replaced by a bunch of those faaaaaabulous Calvin Kleins that I ordered during Black Friday online madness. Of course, that means I'm stuck wearing either fishnets or pants until the order arrives, eep! I think there might be some more semi-decent tights in the laundry pile.


  1. For those who care about such things, Trystan's nail polish is OPI's I've Got The Blues For Red. ;)

    Yesterday kicked ass!

  2. And that photo doesn't do it justice ;-) Thanks, doll.

  3. this skirt looks so awesome on you. i have the same one but i just wore it once and never again. it never looked that good on me.