Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Xmas Wish List

I don't really shop on Black Friday or even Cyber Monday -- I tend to spread my holiday shopping out around the month or, better yet, around the year (but if you are shopping this weekend, Alterations Needed is collecting an handy list of clothing store & online discounts!).  I've already bought gifts online for my sweetie, & during the long Thanksgiving weekend, I'll be making presents for our parents & a few friends. I might even get a head-start on decorating the house & pick some recipes to bake for the office cookie swap.

Like everyone, of course, I love to receive gifts! Both nifty things from stores & handmade goodies. Not that anyone reading this is obligated to give me stuff, but in the immortal words of Debbie Harry, dreaming is free ;-)

Here are some fashionable faves that I've collected on my Amazon Wish List, thanks to the handy universal "add to wish list" button. Hoping my hubbi picks something lovely from there for me (& I'll be good & not view "purchased").

Vintage black typewriter key "T" necklace from The Key of A on Etsy -- Because I actually did learn to type on a huge, manual typewriter.
Amethyst & pink glass bracelet from Designs by Victoria on Etsy -- My fave. colors! Also, Victoria is a friend, I have some of her pieces already, & I adore them.

"She had made yet another wise shopping decision" emery board pack from Anne Taintor -- Everyone needs some sass in her purse.

Antique sari card holder in burgundy from Global Girlfriend --  Perfect thing for carrying business & calling cards. A gal can't have too many of these.

Vertical stripe black & grey socks from Sock Dreams -- Mmmm, sexy.

How about some DIY gifts? Not always cheap or fast, but they can be fun. My family has a tradition of making at least half our gifts, so I'm forever on the lookout for more ideas.

Here are a few fashion-focused projects I found that can be made gothy too, depending on your choice of materials:
  • 10 tote bag patterns & instructions -- I made tote bags (aka, reusable grocery bags) for everyone a few years back & they were a hit. I bought thrift-store sheets in wild colors for the fabric. Some of the ideas on that link include reusing dish towels, tank tops, & pillowcases. Clever.

  • Fabric hair flowers -- Make Magazine has a super-easy idea for creating practically no-sew hair ornaments. Simply Vintage Girl has another twist on that method to make flower pins, which looks pretty awesome. For a flat petal style, V and Co. has a detailed tutorial that requires only hot gluing. If you want a big, fluffy fabric flower, check out my tips for sewing fabric roses. Attach any of these to a bobby pin or clip for the hair or a safety pin to use as a brooch.

  • DIY skinny ties -- Be still my New Wave heart! Here's a tutorial for taking a fat thrift-store tie & turning it into a totally bitchin' skinny tie. Killer for dudes & dudettes.

  • 12 ruffled T-shirt tutorials -- I can't decide if this is something that's a great re-use project or a waste of effort because ruffled T-shirts are in every store, at every price. However, I haven't always found them in dark colors (too many pastels!), so maybe this is a worthwhile DIY. On the other hand, simply adding bows (like Adventures in Dressmaking shows) or other trim is a nifty, easy, inexpensive way to transform a basic tee into a fashionable gift...

So, who's been naughty & who's been nice? What's on your list & where are you shopping this year? Making any fashionable DIY gifts? What should I be getting for you?


  1. I've been craving some of the typewriter key jewelry - there's a store near me that carries earrings, necklaces, cufflinks! I need them. They also have Scrabble pieces and Ma-Jong pieces.

    My last DIY was crocheted scarves. Oh, and I made my nieces (who were then 6 and 8) a full hatbox stuffed to the gills with an entire Barbie wardrobe that I'd crocheted (including a wedding dress) over the course of watching football on Sundays. That was a few years ago, but man, they loved that.

    I'm going to Miami for a 4 day blitz in a few weeks - everyone's getting souvenirs from there this year.

  2. Sheila - a whole box of crocheted Barbie clothes? That must have made you SUPER AUNTIE :-D

    DIY gifts for our parents are the hardest, bec. it has to be usable for both Mom & Dad (3 remarried sets). Friends are much more fun to make stuff for.

  3. just found your cute blog- i wear a lot of black and was a goth back in the day- this is a great blog idea! happy to see lovely black thingies!

  4. Thanks, mode! I try to mix it up & keep my goth spirit alive with a professional polish :-)