Monday, November 8, 2010

Pink Is the New Black

It's true, goths can wear colors other than black! My fave. is pink -- not baby pastel pink but screaming, new wave, hot pink. As shown here...

What I'm wearing:
Hot pink cardigan, MetroStyle (but I think I got it secondhand)
Black T-shirt, Target
Black trousers, Target
Black & pink pumps, Irregular Choice
Black & pink necklace, beads thrifted, rose medallion added by me
Black & pink crystal earrings, random mall accessory store

The best part of this outfit, imnsho, are the shoes. I bought them as a 40th birthday gift to me at the Irregular Choice boutique on Carnaby Street in London.

These shoes never fail to get compliments. Even the male engineers at work -- the ones who wear sweatshirts, shorts, & flip-flops 365 days a year -- they admire these shoes. Women demand to know where I got them. Gay men swoon over them.

I can wear these shoes with a casual work outfit, as shown, or with a little black dress for an evening out. The heel is just the right height to be reasonably walkable all day or danceable all night.

These shoes rock my small, dark world!

Worth a bonus mention is the necklace. I like making this kind of stuff -- simple additions, takes a few minutes, but has a big impact. And, obviously, goes well with my wardrobe.


  1. I love the splash of hot pink in this outfit! It's like a pop of fun!

  2. Ack! I've been to that Irregular Choice shop! I bought turquoise/orange/cream sandals there. Those pink/black babies are fab.

  3. Awesome! Irregular Choice has such adorable styles. I've sometimes found them discounted on