Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Old T-Shirt & Jeans Grow Up (Goth Style)

I don't do casual that well. Corporate, sure, as the name of this blog implies, I can do just fine, with my obligatory goth twist. But weekend wear, out-of-the office clothes are getting difficult, especially as I get older. Throwing on a T-shirt & jeans isn't the most stylish of options in your 20s, but it's not unexpected either.

However, in your 30s & particularly your 40s, um, that outfit can look a little sad. If you're not extremely careful, you may look like you're trying too hard to relive your youth, or you look like you're a sloppy loser who hasn't grown up. Sure, every now & then, if you're dashing off to the grocery store, it doesn't matter, but there's so many occasions that not looking like a big teenager or a slob has benefits.

Here's one of my attempts (photographed several months ago) at a subtle upgrade...

What I'm wearing:
Black knit top with ruched corsage detail, NY & Co.
Black jeans, Calvin Klein
Stripey socks, unknown brand
Black flats, Aldo
Black & skull bead necklace, DisneyLand
Gunmetal & rhinestone hoop earrings, NY & Co.
Burgundy flower hair pin, random accessory store


  1. Looks great, I love that shirt. This is relevant for me today - I'm doing something today that jeans & a t-shirt would be an appropriate outfit for, but I will also be meeting my new partner's sister for the first time & want to look nice.

    I was just about to go evaluate my wardrobe to see what shirt I could pair with the jeans to look a little more dressy but not overly dressy. Hope I can manage it as well as you have.

  2. You nailed it. One of the big things is to go for a shirt with a detail or twist - like the neckline and ribbon on your top - which "mature" a t-shirt. Darkwash jeans without a lot of butt ornamentation or factory wear also elevate the jeans'n't look.

    I love how the Disney parks sell awesome skull jewelry. Pirates and the Haunted Mansion are gifts that just keep on giving.

  3. Love the top! I think you do casual pretty darn well. :)

  4. I agree. Love the stylish top and your hair.

    I'm glad I found your blog.

  5. You look absolutely fabulous! Yep, a definite "I'm running some errands and stopping to get a latte with some gal pals at the local B&N" look. LOVE IT. I love the way the rosettes in your hair are offset from those on your blouse!

    A raving success!

  6. I love the coherence between your top and the hair styling/accessory. I definitely makes the jeans/tee-shirt look more polished.

  7. Agree with everyone about your hair and the tee shirt. Looks great together.

  8. Very sexy, edgy, casual grown-up look! I definitely don't spend enough time at NY&Co. :) I'm pretty sure I'd do just about anything for that top!