Monday, July 11, 2011

Pinstripes & Bare Legs

I'm not a fan of bare legs at the office -- I don't mind them on other people, just not my own bare legs. It's not so much out of prudishness or conservatism (hello, I work in Silicon Valley, men & women regularly wear shorts & flip-flops to work, even CEOs!). The reason is more about my feet than my legs.

See, I have always hated wearing shoes without some kind of stocking or sock between my feet & the shoe. I don't know how other women do it! Do they all have amazingly un-sweaty feet? Have they all discovered fabulous super-breathable shoes? What's their secret? Because whenever I try it, my tootsies get sticky & hot & icky & clammy & absolutely gross. It feels horrible to me to wear shoes without hosiery. The only exception is strappy sandals or flip-flops (& I absolutely live in flip-flops at home).

But, alas, I don't have many pairs of sandals that go with office clothes, & flip-flops stay at home because I'm just not as casual as the rest of my coworkers here. So it's always a bit of a struggle in summer, when I don't really want to wear tights as they're too hot, but I only have so many longer skirts.

Today's outfit is awfully revealing for me. My husband loves it, but I felt a little self-conscious. 'Cept I'd wear a skirt this short with sandals out on vacation or even to the mall -- after all, my legs aren't too bad. It's just showing them at work is branching out of my comfort zone!

What I'm wearing:
Grey-brown pinstripe dress, made by Donna, fabric from Kendra
Black satin strappy heeled sandals, Two Lips
Black beaded bib necklace, Torrid
Silver-grey pearl bracelet with ribbon, NY & Co.
Gunmetal & rhinestone hoop earrings, NY & Co.


  1. You look completely fabulous, my dear! But I understand about comfort - I'm not fond of showing my arms at the office myself.

    I do bare feet in shoes, but do get a bit sticky in 'em.

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  3. Ooo, love that dress!

    The secret to bare feet in shoes is to have a breathable fabric upper, and to change into a different pair when you get to work (like Mr. Rogers). The commute shoes get to cool off & dry out at work, and the work shoes get the night off to recuperate. I keep some flip-flops under my desk so on really sweaty days I can wear them without anyone seeing (change into other shoes if I have to get out from behind the desk for something).

  4. I don't have sweaty feet, but I hate wearing shoes without stockings because they rub. My feet are delicate, bony things and don't like not being padded. The secret for me is wearing shoes made from soft leather, or some other relatively pliable but not floppy material. Anything too soft or too hard causes blisters.

    I know it feels weird to dress in something that is outside of your personal comfort zone, but this outfit is lovely on you and I didn't think it was revealing at all. I also loved your costume post -- your skills are amazing!

  5. This dress is perfect for you. The necklace is a great choice, too. I like how its boldness contrasts with the business look the pinstripes provide.

    I can't do shoes without hosiery either... I've asked other women how they can stand it and they say they "get used to it." Eww; not for me. :)

  6. you really look great and should consider more dresses like that!

    I find my feet breathe better (in super hot West Texas) if the shoes are not enclosed. Peep-toes are cute. :)

  7. The dress is just fabulous! I also dislike wearing shoes without socks. And I work in a lab, so I have to wear pants or leggings under my skirts, and closed shoes! In the summer I tend to wear ballet flats or mary janes, with those little sockettes that barely cover the toes and hang onto the heel by a piece of latex in the back of the sock. That was a horrible description, but there you go. :)

  8. Thanks all!

    Hmm... maybe more peep-toe shoes. I don't think I have any. And those little sockettes, I know I've seen them but haven't tried them...

  9. Love that dress on you! Very flattering and professional! Keep up the fabulous blog!

  10. Your hubs is right - this dress fits you very well and looks great! Totally keep it in rotation. I can see it with all kinds of great accessories too, necklaces, scarves, tights and/or boots in the winter...

    I've long been with you as far as bare feet in non-sandal shoes. 'Way back in childhood growing up with WASPs, it was normal for so many to wear boat shoes and Chuck Taylors etc. without socks, but I never liked the feel! Just couldn't do it. However, now that going without hose in the summer is perfectly fine for women in many offices, I've made an effort to try occasionally. It does take getting used to, yes. But after all, hose can really suck when it's hot or humid, they can look so...fake...especially on us women of pallor. And they can make keeping some shoes ON a challenge. :P