Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working in the Heat

90+ degrees Fahrenheit this week. Yeah, no humidity, but I still don't like it, & the weather limits my fashion choices (note this is a repeat outfit, essentially the summer version of this). I have to walk in between buildings at work a few times each day, so I don't want to wear anything too heavy. And when I wait for my evening carpool, it's freakishly hot outside.

A lot of people complain about over-active office air conditioning. That used to be a problem here, but my company has done great work in the past few years to fine-tune the systems so the temperature is comfortable without being Arctic.

A big reason is because of the energy use -- California went through a period where we had rolling blackouts in summer due to high energy demand. So some cities started working with major companies & giving incentives to those that reduced consumption. Thus, our company HQ buildings, where I work, started to get much more efficient in summer & winter.

What I'm wearing today:
Purple & red print cotton duro dress, April Cornell
Black footless tights, unknown brand
Black jeweled flip-flop sandals, Mootsies Tootsies
Black shell necklace, bought in Florida
Black shell dangly earrings, Khol's
Black roses cocktail ring, Icing
Black & brown skull bracelet, gift from Mom
Red flower pin in hair, random accessory store

A month into summer & I still haven't painted my toenails. So no pix of my cute sandals, darnit!


  1. What a GORGEOUS dress! And oh, how I envy your comfortable office environment. (She says, shivering.)

  2. Sal - Thanks! I esp. love that this dress has a little triangle at the center front, so no cleavage & I don't need to wear a cami w/it at work.