Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hidden Bat Week - Leggings & Earrings

I overslept my alarm this morning, so I was scrambling for batty ideas of what to wear. Usually, I plan out the next day's outfit in my head before I go to sleep, but I only had a vague idea that I'd wear these bat-print leggings somehow, maybe with a skirt.

Having less time in the morning made me improvise, & I was really lucky to discover that, omg, yes, I can fit my tall boots over leggings! These ones are so thin, they're practically like tights. My calves are wide, & I'll never be able to tuck jeans into boots, but leggings-into-boots feels like a fashion triumph.

What I'm wearing:
Black handkerchief-hem tunic, made by Donna
Black ruffled sweater, Kohl's
Black bat-print leggings, Target
Black tall boots, Clarks
Black & white necklace with art bead medallion, made by me
Silver Gorey bat earrings, bought at the Edward Gorey House in Yarmouthport, MA


  1. I love this outfit! It is very near how I dress for my everyday work. But a ruffled sweater is definitely missing! It is so nice!

  2. Eeee, I own those leggings! I have the silver spiderweb ones, too. I kick myself for not buying a backup pair, because I will be upset when they finally die.

  3. I love this all black outfit and all that texture!!!

  4. The sweater and tunic play off each other very well. More goth than corp for sure!

  5. linnea-maria - You must look great then, hee ;-)

    Tante Fledermaus - Some years, Target has the best Halloween stuff.

    Ellie - Thanks!

    LovleAnjel - It was definitely a gothy day.