Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hidden Bat Week - Work From Home T-Shirt

I rarely (never?) post what I'm wearing when I work from home, & this outfit isn't exactly representative. I'd usually wear PJ bottoms or yoga pants instead of jeans, but I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon so I swapped the comfy gear out. Plus, I brushed off all the cat hair!

What I'm wearing:
Grey bat T-shirt, Target | Black long-sleeve top, Old Navy | Black jeans, Levis | Black hoodie, Old Navy | Black buckled boots, Aldo | Silver Indian hoops, bought at a con | Music note choker, gift from a choir member on Spain trip | Black & white fingerless gloves, Hot Topic

It's been rather chilly recently, thus the gloves. I wear them in the studio where my computer is so I can keep my hands warm while typing. They're pretty ratty tho, so no closeups ;-)


  1. I wore black today, too, complete with Welsh Corgi hair all over it :P I *did* try to brush it off!

  2. I love your shirt! When will they bring Target to Germany? I am waiting since 1999...

  3. Lynne DeVenny - I have to keep a lint roller by the door! Two cats, one long-haired.

    Snowhyte - Thanks, it was in the air today ;-)

    Sal Kaye - Omg, so much of my stuff is from Target, clothes & house & everything.

  4. Haha! I have that shirt! Wore it just the other day in fact. :)