Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Boots Make My Outfit

By complete coincidence, I assembled this outfit around these boots, & then Sal of Already Pretty wrote about shoes making an outfit today. How much do I love her? Tons & even more ;-)

As I commented on her post, I intended for these fuchsia boots to compliment the grey cardigan, which, imo, kicks the otherwise basic black ensemble up a notch.

I love grey with fuschia/pink/burgundy tones & have worn them before (here, here, & here, for example), including using shoes to specifically tie the look together as I have a couple pairs of boots/shoes in this color range.

It's a fun trick to add a little color into an outfit via footwear. Have you done it?

What I'm wearing:
Grey cardigan with sequins, ModCloth
Black knit dress, Target
Black camisole, Old Navy
Black elastic belt, NY & Company
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Burgundy/fuchsia crushed-velvet ankle boots, bought from a friend
Pink rhinestone bib necklace, Forever 21
Silver Celtic cross earrings, somewhere in Berkeley


  1. I love the colour of those boots. I also do the same with injecting a little colour into my wardrobe via boots and accessories (scarves, shoe laces, jewelry).
    If my memory serves me, I believe it was seeing photos of you in red boots that inspired me to buy a pair of red boots for myself. It took me at least two weeks to convince myself to actually buy them because it was something that was not black and I needed to ease myself into the idea of wearing not black footwear. I believe I get the most compliments wearing them :).

  2. Heart! I love it!

    I tend to pull in color into my outfits through shoes, too. I have a couple of great pairs of Docs (metallic blue, pink and black) and some Chucks that are in heavy rotation.

  3. I'm not entirely sure I have shoes that are not black or nude. I might have a silver pair somewhere... I have a very hard time justifying purchasing anything that isn't black.

  4. HOLY SMOKES!!! I love those boots! This outfit looks amazing on you. PERFECT silhouette. I like to add color with scarves and my jewelry, especially stunning is a bright broach against all black or grey.

  5. These boots are amazing!! I love them!! The whole outfit looks great on you. :)