Friday, January 20, 2012

I Fell Off the Clothing Diet

But I feel fine. Yeah, between Xmas & New Year's, I bought some clothes, thus breaking a challenge to myself I'd made since August to not buy any new clothes.

On 12/27, I went to Target with my husband to replace some household items & ended up getting myself three dresses -- a classic sleeveless sheath, one in black, in red, & in a grey herringbone. The fit was amazingly perfect, & the style is so simple & elegant, I can easily use these dresses as CorpGoth wardrobe staples (I wore the black one on the first week of January and the red one this week).

Later the same day, I headed to the mall to get my brows done. And, of course, I poked around to see if there were any tempting post-holiday sales. That's when I discovered that the local NY & Company store was closing (just that one, not the chain), & everything was 70% off. *Dun dun dun!* I tried on a bunch of things & found three lovely work-appropriate skirts that fit. The bunch of them cost less than one of them would have cost at full price. And, like the Target purchases, these are all staple items, nothing crazy, just good, practical CorpGoth pieces (I wore a black lace-trimmed one when I gave a presentation recently).

I had been contemplating buying new boots & other such fripperies. But I don't really need those things. I can simply take my pile of shoes-to-be-repaired to the cobbler & that will feel like I've gotten new boots. But you can never go wrong with clothing basics.

As I noted in my initial BatFit post, I want to be more mindful this year of how I spend money, especially on fashion items. Less "oooh, shiny! buy this now!" and more thoughtful & careful. Spending on pieces I'll get a lot of use out of is a good idea, but spending on silly things that just satisfy a current fascination that may pass isn't so smart.


  1. I hear you. I also realized I have too much of a "ohh shiny" response in the stores and buy way too much, and of lot of pieces I have turn out to be very similar. This year I want to try to work with what is already in my wardrobe - like a shopping spree in my own closet. I have shoes and clothes and jewelry I haven't eve worn, so maybe I can save up to buy something really special. This year, I would love to finally get a pair of John Fluevog shoes. I hope I do!

  2. Shopping in your own closet is awesome!

  3. I recently hit up Target for some wardrobe basics, too, including a pencil skirt and a black turtle-neck. It's hard to clothing-diet in there :)

  4. At least you can get a lot of use out of those basics :)

  5. I tried that dress on- boobs wouldn't fit. I was sad. Got a skirt, though. Still wish fashion would get out of this ugly phase. Slim pickings!