Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Most Expensive Jacket

As a companion to the Most Expensive Sweater, this jacket stands as the most I've spent on a jacket ever, at least one that isn't leather (& I don't count full coats; I mean jackets here). But isn't it gorgeous??? I couldn't help but pay full price for it in the store. And it fits beautifully, aside from the sleeves being a little long -- I should take it for alterations, but it's wearable right now, & I couldn't wait.

Like the sweater, this is also from White House Black Market. It's a stretch velveteen with princess seams, making the fit perfectly snug without being tight. It has beautiful details like a notched collar & tiny inset ruffles that add subtle texture (which were impossible to photograph). And I shockingly did not have a black velvet/een jacket in my closet anymore (after having gotten rid of ones that didn't fit or were an unappealing style). I foresee a low cost-per-wear for this beauty.

What I'm wearing:
Black velveteen jacket, White House Black Market
Black & blue print knit dress, Target
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black ribbon-tie pumps, Clarks
Black & gold disk earrings, Forever 21


  1. I love the jacket! I would also pay a full prize for a jacket like this :) I think it looks perfect on you.

  2. It's beautiful. I'm sure it was worth every penny =]

  3. White House Black Market always has gorgeous jackets! I have a lovely grey velour jacket that was worth every penny!

  4. Oh, that's a darling jacket! It looks fantastic on you.

  5. I have that jacket too! (Along with so many things from White House, working there makes that easy)