Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweater Season

Well now it's not just cold inside the office -- it's cold outside! This weekend, the temperatures started dropping noticeably. OK, cold for Silicon Valley, not like there's snow or even frost in the mornings. But we had to turn on the heater in the house at night, & I'm wearing a coat to work. Which is a good reminder that the next CorpGoth Mid-Month Status Report is about winter office wear, & reports are due later this week on Thursday & Friday!

What I'm wearing:
Black & grey stripe sweater, Target | Burgundy skirt, NY & Company | Black tights, unknown brand | Black lace-up, spool-heel boots, Target | Silver filigree earrings, Target | Silver & garnet ring, bought in India

How cold is autumn where you live? Have you been wearing sweaters & coats for weeks now?


  1. What is... Cold?
    I kid, I kid.
    But honestly, I freaking *live* for the days where I can throw a bolero on my shoulders and not DIE from heat...
    All this to say, that autumn on the island of Oahu can have cooler crisper days here and there but is mostly warm.
    I miss seasons a little bit.
    Mostly I miss wearing layers <- haha.

  2. Autumn ended here about three weeks ago, I think. So yes, sweaters and coats and mittens and scarves, and even contemplated the down parka on a few days! :)

  3. LOL! Yeah, when I was in Kauai in February, I left sweater weather didn't need any coverup, even at night :)