Friday, July 13, 2012

LPG Homework: Things I Can't Live Without

July's homework from the Professor aka the Dancing Maenad is to feature the piece of clothing, accessory, or beauty product that you can't live without. I have a few things that qualify...

1. Dark lipstick. I rotate through specific colors & brands, I have long-time favourites like Chanel's Vamp (which they keep saying will be or has been discontinued, & that just makes me stock up more; currently I have 3 tubes tucked away in a cool, dark place), but the real "must have" is just something dark, rich, & in a berry tone.

I'm no longer so obsessed that I have to be wearing lipstick when I'm running errands like going to the grocery store or doctor's office. But if I'll be seen in public for an extended period of time, I must have my dark lipstick. I even wear it with historical costumes, despite lipstick, especially dark colors, not being historically accurate. I can't help it!

And I wear so many different shades to work that my purse is full of the tubes by the end of the week. I loves me some lippie!

2. Black tights, specifically by Calvin Klein. A couple years ago, I discovered that these CK babies are the best quality black tights around. They don't snag or sag, they last through repeated machine-washings (but always air-dry), & they come in three sizes instead of the somewhat-more-standard two or the horrible "one size" that fits few.

I wear black tights with most every outfit from September until June, with only a short break from them during the warmest two months of the year.

3. Black leather studded cockring. I've mentioned this a few times on my blog because, well, I wear it every single day & have worn one like it since about age 16. I replace them when they wear out. The first one was nicked from my gay boyfriend in high school (I was his beard because his parents were ultra-religious).

I *do* wear this if I'm just running to the grocery store or something similar, just like I wear my wedding & engagement rings. The only times I don't wear the cockring are with historical costumes.

What I'm wearing:
Black T-shirt, Target
Grey striped skirt, Nordstroms
Black skull-print scarf, gift from my husband
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black embellished flats, Classifieds
Silver filigree earrings, random accessory store
Black & gunmetal cocktail ring, Icing
Chanel "Vamp" lipstick


  1. I had to explain the term "beard" to some male friends last week - they'd never heard of it.

    Do you tell people that your studded bracelet is called a cockring? Do you get any weird reactions from that? Mine is a double row and I just call it a cuff (but then, it is wider).

    I deeply admire the dark lippy, but I am so lazy with lipstick! I can barely wear a gloss.


  2. Heh, definitely depends who I'm talking to -- my age or under & not at work, it's a cockring. Otherwise, it's a bracelet :-D And, to be honest, after the first one, only some of the replacements (they last about 5 years) were sold as cockrings. If the studs go all the way around, it's technically a bracelet, so the current one is just fashion. Which actually makes it harder to wear when I type at work, so I kind of prefer cockrings! LOL, double-duty.

  3. Never hear of cockring, but whatever it is, it very nice. Like you I start off with one lippie and end of with several by the end of the week. Have a great weekend

  4. Yes, I can totally see a nice, deep berry lipstick on you! I love your story regarding the cockring. :) The things we steal from good friends!

    Thanks for participating!

  5. Love the bracelet and the story behind it. I'm so shy I blush when someone says the word cockring, so I would be red as a cherry if we had this conversation in person-but over the internet I'm giggling like a fiend! And both the outfit and your lipstick are very cute.